Pizza in a MUG? Breakfast Burrito in a MUG? Cooking just got easier.

Recently, I was doing a search for mug cakes. I found this site by Irish Chef & Baker Gemma Stafford, Bigger Bolder Baking, that had a pizza in a mug recipe. I watched the video of her making the mug pizza, it sure was quick and easy. I admit, I would never have thought of that. In fact, she has 100 different mug recipes. So many creative ideas.

She had one video where she was making pancakes with her husband. He was doing the video taping. She’s definitely a perfectionist and was bossing him around, that was funny. The pancakes looked yummy too.

So, if you are still stuck at home and need some fresh cooking/baking ideas, mosey on over to Bigger Bolder Baking. Chef Gemma will dazzle you with healthy exciting spins on old recipes. Also, she just started a Knead to Know podcast. When I go walking, I’ll listen to that.

Happy cooking! (Isn’t that what Chef Pepin says. He has good videos too.)

17 thoughts on “Pizza in a MUG? Breakfast Burrito in a MUG? Cooking just got easier.

  1. I found her site last year when I was researching Irish Soda Bread and thought her video of it was great and very helpful. The only mug cake I have tried was a mix (Betty Crocker?) and it was not good.

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      1. I just signed up for her weekly email. I’m looking for a good potato soup recipe for St. Patricks Days so will search her blog. Thanks for the link!

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      2. I tried her potato soup in a mug tonight…..and it was okay, but I really had to adapt the recipe – the 3 tablespoons of cubed potatoes it called for was like a potato walked through it! Way too watery. I added two small potatoes, but then put too much onion in and too much cornstarch so it was too thick. An interesting experiment….

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  2. A “savory” mug would require a paradigm shift in thinking for me (or at least something shaped differently than the original). Mug cakes and ice creams signal “sweet” to my palate, just like pizzas signal “savory”. Kind of breaking the rules (or establishing new ones?), like dessert before dinner 🙂

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