Quinoa Macaroni – really good!

I came across these quinoa noodles and thought I would try them. I like quinoa, so in a noodle form they should be good, right. I made a mistake though. I didn’t read the cooking instructions. Thinking they were like normal pasta, I let them cook for over 6 minutes.

BIG MISTAKE! They went from al dente to super inflated and mushy. I looked at directions – 4 minutes for al dente. WOW – that’s fast cooking time, but it made sense, because normal quinoa cooks in 5 minutes. I would not have known they were quinoa noodles, very good.

They are really healthy, free of eggs, nuts, gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts and GMO. The GoGo Quinoa brand is Canadian. On their website they have other quinoa products.

On a side note, I also found Banza chickpea pasta. Have not tried them yet. One new pasta at a time. If my Italian grandmother was alive, I wonder if she would embrace these new pastas.

9 thoughts on “Quinoa Macaroni – really good!

  1. Have you been watching Stanley Tucci’s new food series on CNN where he’s eating his way through the different regions of Italy.? I don’t get CNN so have only caught bits of it at my mom’s, but it’s pasta, pasta, pasta! Last week he was in Tuscany.

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      1. I think this week is episode 5, so maybe after it’s finished, they’ll have the whole series on youtube. I’d like to start back at the first episode.

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  2. I may have to try the quinoa noodles. I’m getting kind of tired of almond flour this and that. Like your noodles, almond flour pasta cooks very quickly (and it’s a decent substitute for wheat flour pasta as long as you have a hearty sauce). But it’s no match in chocolate-chip cookie dough! On the other hand a cauliflower pizza crust mixed with cheese is a pretty good substitute. We found one at Costco so every now and then we indulge. Nut, rice, and seed flours are expensive so we have to pace ourselves with these products.

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