A Sheep & Wool Festival

Since we can’t travel very far, suddenly we are exploring our area. Someone told me about a Sheep & Wool Festival in Wisconsin. I went, it was FUN. They had a lot of sheep and some goats too.

Here is one of the sheep, I caught him while he was eating. He was kind enough to pose, so perfectly for me. They sold yarn and wool for felting. I’ve never heard of felting. I do knit, but haven’t for a while, so it was fun to see what shawls, hats, socks and scarf patterns were out there. Also, I was amazed at how many sheep farms there are in the U.S.

I found this lovely sheep painting. As soon as I saw it, I smiled. Isn’t that a good determining factor for making a purchase?!

So, I leave you with thoughts of sheep. If you are having trouble sleeping at night, we are told to count sheep. Here you have two, just keep it going… and SOON you will be FAST ASLEEP!

I’m looking forward to exploring a pumpkin patch next!

10 thoughts on “A Sheep & Wool Festival

    1. I’m not sure where you live. I’m in Chicago, many people have always looked at a vacation as traveling somewhere in the world. We haven’t really explored our own country. COVID with International travel restrictions has us venturing out in our area, but across the country. I’ve read about a lot of people who have gone to see Yellowstone in Wyoming. So, we can still travel, just different for a while. It was GREAT FUN doing something different.


      1. I think I may have posted one before, but maybe next year on St. Patrick’s day I’ll post the rest. There are multiples or duplicates of almost everything….

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