Travel Virtually– NEW site — Heygo!

I just came across this virtual travel site called, “Heygo.” It looks like a great site, the idea is good. Of course, right now it is FREE; however, you can’t view a tour unless you sign up on the site. They are asking that you tip the tour guides, which is fair.

It appears that “,” was founded in May 2020 by Liam Garrison and John Tertan. This year, April 2021, they changed name to “Heygo,” which is a fun name (HEY – GO!). They say new name better reflects who they are. I was able to view a snippet of a Quebec tour, it was quick before they cut me off. Need to sign up on site to view full tour.

Sharing with you. We can’t travel Internationally yet, virtual it is.

They have 200+ tours around the world. A place for everyone to travel.

Let me know what you think.

10 thoughts on “Travel Virtually– NEW site — Heygo!

  1. So yes, I “liked” this idea, but with the BIG caveat it doesn’t stand in the way of actual travel. It’s kind of like watching movies at home instead of going to the theater, or having a meal delivered instead of going to the restaurant. Will there come a day when we’re so conditioned to our at-home options we’ll lose all motivation to go other places? The way things we’re all behaving right now, it doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

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    1. Agree, this is a tricky situation; although, if I think about Rick Steves, he always gives travel tips on his shows for your budget, so a little different. This site seems to take you there, so you wouldn’t have to go back really. Personally, I’m tired of all the virtual stuff, which makes us sign up, so that they have our contact info, etc. It’s all about business in the end… they need us to sign up, chat and so on. It’s the NEW business model for young people. My opinion.

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      1. Well, that’s good, but the EU by doing this makes us think twice about going to EU right now. It’s expensive to get there and not have a real vacation. My daughters were just there, hassle to get COVID test before flight, worry that it’s in the 48 hr requirement, then show vaccine card, wear masks on vacation and then get the COVID test again to fly home.

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      2. Yeh I think that’s the purpose. To be honest, some Americans are not very good with following the rules and it’s best they stay at home. Just the other day, we were on the tram 28, an American couple arrived, first the woman held the door to wait for her husband, then as the driver told her to put on her mask, she said I have it somewhere, well that doesn’t help. Then as she got in the car, the driver called her to give her ticket, she said to her husband: “Now what does he want?” which is kinda condescending. I think people like her should stay home.

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      3. Agree, well she sounds like she was thinking she was on vacation and didn’t have to follow what we are doing in America. We have to wear masks everywhere here too… not if we are walking outside, but going inside any store, restaurant, transportation, etc. I heard that LA restaurants are going to require vaccine card.

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