Time to visit St. Jude… The Universe at work!

COVID continues to rage on and as it does, people are getting sick and seclusion / mental illness is at an all time high. As this is happening, we need to remember to “reach out” to people, check on them.

I say this, because we had four family members die in the past two years, three from COVID. It happened suddenly. As we are getting older, when passings happen, we reflect on our own lives.

The reason I visited St. Jude this week was because of two SURPRISE phone calls.

The FIRST phone call was from a lady whom I talk to off and on. She called to tell me she was at doctor, had blood work done, her breast cancer might be back. OH NO! Time to pray, for this we need St. Jude!

The SECOND phone call was from an older woman, 93, that I’ve known for 35 years. Right before COVID lockdown, her husband died. Suddenly, she sold her house and moved into an Assisted Living place. Imagine that – your husband dies, your world is turned upside down, in your grief COVID strikes and in a new facility you’re told to quarantine to your room. Being elderly, you don’t know what is going on.

Back to the phone call. In November, I tried getting a hold of this lady for Thanksgiving. She wasn’t answering her phone. The Receptionist kept giving me the runaround. Always an excuse on why she was not in room, could not take call and so on. So, I gave up. I’m a friend, not a relative, so no rights. In December, I tried again, wanting to wish her a Merry Christmas — same issues.

Well – the other night she called me. She was a bit incoherent, but gave me the number of another person. Told me to call the person, that person would explain HER situation. Turns out she has been diagnosed with slight dementia and was in the Hospital for a urinary tract infection.

So… the Universe had her reach out to me. Interesting, right!

At least I know her status. I’ve tried calling, again, impossible to get a hold of her, but THIS time her answering machine was on, so I left a message.

So, I went to visit St. Jude. It’s always spiritual to do that. I pass this on to YOU, because another person out there might feel the need for higher prayer. I wish you all well.


I also lit a candle, if you need any special prayers, the candle is lit.

Wishing you well, stay healthy and strong!

8 thoughts on “Time to visit St. Jude… The Universe at work!

  1. Thank you Monica for the candle and Saint Jude’s prayers!
    At this time we all can use saintly help. I cannot imagine how hard it is for your 2 friends. I join in prayer for their health and well being. May they be comfortable and content.
    Blessings to you for being such a kind friend! ♥♥

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  2. I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your family members. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be living in a nursing home and to be so isolated and maybe not understanding why and feeling abandoned. I’m grateful my mother is still able to manage at home, with my help. Thanks for posting about St. Jude!

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  3. I met a nice lady in Lisbon last year. She’s an American who moved to Portugual to retire. Early in the autumn, she was diagnosed with a tumor in her brain and had to travel back to the US for surgery. Her surgery was successful and she couldn’t wait to come back this month…That’s the last we heard of her, despite our efforts to reach out to her…until last Friday when her sister posted a message in her facebook page letting us know the bad news. She passed away just a week ago. We were all shocked and heartbroken. She was so excited to come back to Portugal and we were so looking forward to see her again…Again if there’s one that taught me through this whole COVID ordeal is that life can be so short and unexpected. We just have to live to the best we can and leave no regrets. Take care my friend!

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