Artists – Portrait Competition

If you are looking for an interesting show to watch and love art, you’ll like this one on Amazon Prime: Portrait Artist of the Year. It’s a great show. Apparently, it came out in 2013. How in the heck did I miss this show? Maybe because it’s been on Sky TV.

If you haven’t seen the show, each episode has three famous sitters. There are four portrait artists per sitter. They have four hours to paint the portrait. Once completed, the sitter chooses one of the portraits to bring home. After that, the three judges review ALL of the portraits and they choose a winner. They have competitions in a few different cities, a winner from each. THEN the four finalists come together to paint another portrait. The person who wins the FINAL competition, gets paid a commission to paint another famous/well known person. As you see, a lot of painting is going on.

PHEW – I hope you get the premise of the show. It’s really amazing. One sitter and four artists have such different approaches to painting their portrait. Love this show, so inspiring!

The weekend is here, you’ll be hooked. I see binge watching in your future!

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