Sardinia, Italy — Get paid to LIVE on the Island?

I know, you are thinking what I thought. What’s the catch? We need more specifics. Sardinia is the second largest Island (after Sicily) in the Mediterranean Sea. The Island is in green on the map.

When I was there a few years ago, there were not many American tourists. Mainly they were British and German. Also, I noticed that the Sardinians look very Spanish. They speak Sardo, not Italian. I mean, it’s Italian, but the dialect is very very different. In fact, if you read the history of the Island, through the wars, they have a strong Spanish influence.

Fast forward to now. The Sardinian Government wants to attract young people to remote areas of the Island. Goal – increase population and economic fabric of those towns. Small towns, less than 3,000 people, are in decline. People have been moving to bigger cities.

SOLUTION: Offer a grant of €15,000 to attract young people to those small towns. The grant amount must be used toward the purchase / refurbishment of a house, not to exceed half the cost of the house.

The grant is a non-repayable grant. I wonder, is a time limit for “trying” this process out? Living in a small town of 3,000 might seem claustrophobic if you came from a big city.

BIGGEST QUESTION, will Wifi work? Also, if these are small towns, I would imagine they want people who can own shops, work the land, etc. Are they open to remote technology workers?

The Sardinian Government is devoting a total of €45 million for this project; there will be enough for at least 3,000 new inhabitants.

Now, if Sardinia is not appealing, I was reading that Spain and Scotland are offering similar programs.

Time to open a map of the world — throw a dart — see where life takes us.

10 thoughts on “Sardinia, Italy — Get paid to LIVE on the Island?

  1. It’s interesting. I remember seeing articles on facebook a few years ago where remote towns in Italy were selling off old buildings/houses in a similar scheme to revitalize their villages, and would be more tempted by that then life on an island, but admit I know nothing about Sardinia. Life in a small town is okay, as long as you have easy access to larger places.

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  2. I was going to say an island culture probably doesn’t care much about WiFi, but in this case it’s essential so a remote worker can live and work there. It’s a shame a microculture is forced into this tactic but it makes sense. They simply don’t have other resources to achieve the same goal. Will be interesting to reassess Sardinia in several years to see the change, if any.

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