Squirrel – What is that in his mouth?

I got so lucky. This squirrel posed for the camera. Look how close I got. You can tell he is hesitant. Wondering if he’s going to have to FIGHT to keep his… WHAT IS THAT in his mouth?

It started like this. I was out walking. I saw this squirrel on the sidewalk. I immediately STOPPED, because he was so darn cute with that HUGE root, dead flower (couldn’t place it) in his mouth.

At first, he wasn’t aware of me. When he got to the top of the fence… THEN I could tell, he was starting to think I “might” be a threat. You can see in his eyes and stance that he knew he had to ACT FAST or he might lose this HUGE food item. That is the motherland!

He happened to turn, I got another GREAT photo. Here he’s making an “assessment” of the situation.

This was the highlight of my walk. I’ve never gotten this close to a squirrel before. They are usually so fast to run away. Photography has become so easy with our phones. Fun getting these photos.

So, I ask you, “WHAT is that in his mouth?”

19 thoughts on “Squirrel – What is that in his mouth?

  1. No idea either – it looks like roots, but it must be good stuff as he’s so protective of it. Or maybe someone was weeding their garden/yard and if you’ve had rain maybe the dirt got washed away?

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  2. Squirrels can be cute but we have a grey variety down here in the South that can be utterly destructive. They’ll chew up anything plastic, including sprinkler heads and decorative fence posts. Jump in the car, turn the key, and nothing happens? Blame the squirrel who chewed through the wires when he snuck under the hood. They’re called “tree rats” down here, and with good reason!

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