Gardening… What happened? Shortage of Dijon mustard?

On my walk the other day, I saw this garden. Oh, no! First, what happened to this poor bush? Second, it resembles our chaotic world right now.

I was just reading that in France there is a shortage of Dijon mustard. Due to climate change and the war in Ukraine, there is a shortage of mustard seeds. Did you know that? Did you know that Canada supplies half of the worlds supply of mustard seeds? However, because of heat and a drought these past few years, their supply has been low. This is heart breaking for the farmers.

I looked up where a mustard seed comes from. It’s this yellow flower. See next photo a field of these flowers. Beautiful! The BBC has a great article, a little bit long, but explains the Dijon situation, “Why there’s no ‘Dijon’ in Dijon mustard,” by Emily Monaco, August 17, 2022.

After reading the article on Dijon, guess what I bought yesterday? YES, I got some Dijon mustard. I do enjoy it on a sandwich, with a sausage, hamburger and hot dog. I had no idea there was a shortage.

With climate change, we are starting to appreciate what we took for granted in so many different products / industries, right. Also, learning where / how foods that we have enjoyed come from.

Many people I know are starting to have their own organic gardens. The tomatoes are AMAZING! Same with the raspberries and blackberries. Oh and snap peas. I enjoyed seeing how asparagus grows.

Soon, we might all have our own organic gardens. Share with our neighbors.

Life as we knew it is changing rapidly.

9 thoughts on “Gardening… What happened? Shortage of Dijon mustard?

    1. Wow – another drought issue. I don’t use Sriracha so much. You BETTER shop around. TAKE A LOOK: The shortage is due to a failed chili pepper harvest in northern Mexico, where all of the chilies used in Sriracha come from, according to National Autonomous University of Mexico’s Guillermo Murray Tortarolo, who studies climate and ecosystems.

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  1. I think continuing supply chain issues play a role here as well. I expect production is limited because, somewhere along the line, a person or process is still missing. Drives supply down and prices up. I didn’t know about Canada’s prominent role in growing mustard either. Would’ve guessed France, but who wouldn’t have, right?

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