Fruit – Why are they so BIG now?

I ask you, should a peach be that LARGE? What happened to fruit? Peaches, nectarines, apples – they’ve all gotten so big. I thought of “James and the Giant Peach,” when I saw this large one.

There was a huge section of large peaches, nectarines, apples. I had to scout around to find normal small size fruit, I did find a few as you can see. The large fruit has no flavor. Also, if I am taking a fruit with me for lunch, I only need one portion size, not two portions. How about kids? How can we encourage them to eat fruit if we can’t give them normal small size?

First the chicken was plumped up, now fruit. Portion sizes for everything keep getting bigger and bigger. We really don’t need such big portions. It’s not healthy for us, for sure.

Maybe it’s just in the Midwest.

Anyone else notice this at your grocery stores?

16 thoughts on “Fruit – Why are they so BIG now?

  1. At the Farmer’s markets I’ve been going to on vacation the plums, pluots and peaches are the most flavorful I’ve had. Also, they’re normal size. In Arizona I don’t have fruit like that. I think I’ll just skip the grocery store fruit from now on.

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    1. Interesting. I think another issue with the Midwest is that a lot of the fruit seems like it was frozen, it’s mushy when I eat it. Well, there is travel time from wherever the fruit is coming from. This is when I miss living on the West Coast. Seattle had wonderful fruits/vegetables.

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      1. I have a friend who has a raspberry and blackberry bush, my gosh they produce so much. It’s wonderful. Then she tried asparagus, interesting to see how they grow. I like them, but had never thought about they grow.

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  2. I find the Farmer’s markets have normal sized fruit, but the grocery store has those very large peaches, which seemed juicy enough but lacking in flavor. The boxes say they are from the Niagara region, which is our typical peach producing region, but I’ve never seen them that size before. I wondered what’s up with that too? I didn’t find any of the fruit particularly good/sweet this year, but then maybe it wasn’t the best weather. I did can three batches of peach jam though, one with no sugar, one with a bit, and one sweet.

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  3. We have a Farmer’s Market here with wonderful produce but I’m told you have to get there early or everything will be gone. Also, I saw packaged peaches recently where the shape had been compressed to more of an oval. I think they called them Doughnuts. Not sure why, maybe somebody’s brainchild for making fruit easier to hold?

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  4. Here in Aussie, we have so many farms. Well rainy season of course brings less sweet. All depends sometimes very sweet and medium size. Some imported also can be different sizes and tastes. I also like them to be for one person or else they don’t stay fresh 🙂

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