McDonald’s – HAPPY MEAL for ADULTS!?

I can’t stop smiling. A Happy Meal (with a toy) for Adults?? This was a clever marketing idea and right before the Holidays. I want one and I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s for years, but don’t we ALL want to feel like a kid again?! I do!

McDonald’s partnered with an apparel company called, “Cactus Plant Flea Market.” That name helps with the marketing too. I mean, WHAT IS —> Cactus Plant Flea Market?? I had to look it up. They sell online contemporary fashion street clothing.

For this Happy Meal campaign, they‘ve created a lot of FUN McDonald focused art designs. The clothing is a bit expensive though. A shame, because the designs make me smile.

Here are some of the apparel choices. More to see on the CPFM/McDonald’s website.

The UK is furious that these Adult Happy Meals are ONLY offered in America. I got to say, I would be too, especially if I was a McDonald’s fan. Why are the Americans having so much fun! I WANT A TOY TOO!

So, what do you think? Will you head out for a Happy Meal?

21 thoughts on “McDonald’s – HAPPY MEAL for ADULTS!?

    1. It’s great for people stuck after soccer/football practice w/the kids, stuck in an airport (horrible food options), road trips, workers… GREAT idea with a fun twist. Even if people buy once, people will be talking about McDonald’s.

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    1. Ah, come on. It’s from our childhood, mine at least. I grew up near Chicago, they are headquartered here. We went as kids, not all the time, but certainly after sports games. YES, we are all eating healthy now, but MEMORIES…. This is all in good fun!


      1. Ok, great! LAUGH a little, let’s enjoy Memories. Kudos to them for being creative to get new/old business in a fresh and funny way. Hey, donuts, I don’t eat those anymore either, but i saw a GOLD LEAF one — I had to smile. It looked beautiful.


    1. LOL – McDonald’s has a good story. They are based in Chicago. Did you see the movie about McDonald’s, it’s interesting started in Southern California. Every food chain runs its course, we move on, but as kids, we certainly went there.

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      1. Growing up in Brazil, fast food chains were never a part of my childhood. Even if they existed then, we probably wouldn’t have the money for it. Fast food is Brazil is often more expensive than other meals.
        I am curious about the movie now.

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  1. I haven’t been to a McDonald’s in ages but I’ll always have a soft spot for them, since they hired me in high school for a summer job. The location where I worked was popular and well-run, especially because Ray Kroc lived right down the street. Now that I’ve seen the movie, I realize he wasn’t the nicest of people 🙂

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  2. You know, I was hoping they meant there was a REAL happy meal for adults. Guess I’ll just have to keep ordering the kids’, without the toy. I think that’s still at an “available” price? IDK. Haven’t been there in a while since I’m trying out all the new more localized Michigan area chains. Thanks for the link and the explanation of the bait and switch Mickey-D’s is pulling on us boomers. I’m going to check out the apparel now.

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  3. Would you believe the apparel is all sold out? I think or at least hope proceeds went to a good cause. I did more digging and found out there actually WERE ADULT HAPPY MEALS WITH FOOD IN THEM!

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    1. Too expensive and too much food in them. Never cared much for the toys, which were not available when I was a kid. My kids didn’t care much for them either, though my idiot ex brother-in-law collected THOSE beanie babies like he did all the others, most of which are now worthless, of course. The adult meals are also too expensive so again will stay with kids’ version and forego the toys when I can.

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    2. YES, there really is an adult Happy Meal. It doesn’t surprise me that the apparel is sold out. The vendor, Cactus Plant Flea Market, is a very well known streetwear apparel company. Celebrities wear the brand, I think that might be why they sold out so quickly.

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