Oktoberfest – Last chance…

Founded right here in Chicago in 2010, Revolution Brewing. I walked in a store and at the entry were these boxes of German-Style Lager. Love the advertisement. I also like lager style beers. While I’m not a regular beer drinker, during Oktoberfest, it’s fun to have one.

We are at the tail end of Oktoberfest.

If you haven’t been to Munich for Oktoberfest, here’s a great YouTube video discussing the different beer tents you can visit. Lots to choose from.

Here’s to next year! If the dollar stays strong a trip to Munich will be lots of fun!


11 thoughts on “Oktoberfest – Last chance…

    1. Absolutely, the Germans have the tradition, warmth in personality, real enjoyment. It’s the same when they try to do German Xmas markets here, it’s just not the same! I found Frankfurt to be Industrial, I have not been to Heidelberg. Did you like it? Really enjoy Bavaria / Bonn/Bad Godesberg area.

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      1. Yes, Frankfurt’s was a little more industrial (good word usage!), but they had the best Kris Kringle Market before Christmas. It took up the entire downtown Hauptwache for two weeks and put to shame the 30 Rock festivities! Heidelberg’s’ was a little smaller than the other Octoberfests, but the atmosphere did not suffer one bit! Munich’s was huge! The beer was great, but the food was even better.

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      2. Cannot say I tried that, but I was pretty much into the eggnog and spiced apple cider, so I stopped asking what I was eating and just munched. I did enjoy the Schaumkusse. Way too many Schaumkusse.

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