Adventure travel — Where do you want to go?

Are you looking for ideas on places to explore? I received this MT. SOBEK adventure magazine in the mail. It’s really wonderful. They have trips all over the world. They’ve been in business since 1969. If you’re interested, I’ve put a link to their website. They also have a travel Blog.

Here’s what you would see in the magazine. Trips are in this format. I’m not sure what’s included in the price. I read online they take small groups for each trip, approximately 10 people.

On the website the About section explains how the company got started and who the founders are. This was interesting, the name SOBEK is the Egyptian God of crocodiles. They didn’t say why they chose this name, they just explained where the name came from.

This was an enjoyable catalog/magazine to go through. So many exciting trips.

There is a trip called, “Mongolia Horse Trek.” OK, I don’t ride horses daily, but this trip piqued my interest. I’ve always wanted to go to Mongolia. LOL – Don’t shake your head yet.


Aren’t we supposed to go out of our comfort zone?!

That reminds me, the Lottery is SKY HIGH again, I better get ONE ticket – that’s all it takes, right!

THEN, Mongolia — Here I come!

17 thoughts on “Adventure travel — Where do you want to go?

  1. My brother went to Mongolia….just for a day or two. He brought back some leather boots and a hat I think… was awhile ago so I can’t exactly remember, but he found it fascinating and the people friendly.

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      1. We did a 10 day Alaskan tour/cruise it was a blast. Doing an Alaskan cruise next year hitting places we missed the first time. The popularity of Iceland is one of the reasons I’m think Nordic instead.

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    1. Gee whiz, I just saw a site on WordPress talking about the El Camino. The site I posted, they are expensive. Do searches on WP, lots of people posting about it. Some great sites. Sorry, can’t remember name, it was a while ago, I found them by accident.

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    1. I agree. I’ve wanted to go to the Eagle Festival. I was just over at your site. I enjoyed seeing the Yurt Hostel you stayed at. Regarding families, I’ve been to many hostels that allow children. It all depends on the layout of the rooms, some have individual rooms for 5 people, makes it simple for the family. By the way, I could not leave a message on your site, because you wanted my email, name, etc. Nicer if we can just indicate we are with WP and leave a message. Just letting you know.


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