Exercise – Never know what you might see!

Winter is coming and birds are looking for food.

I was on a walk, forcing myself to exercise…

As I say that, I cringe. Why do I say, “forcing?” I actually enjoy walking. However, the transition from Fall to Winter is a strange one. The days are changing, it’s darker in the morning and at night, which effects our mood. Suddenly, I go into bear, hibernation mode. Desire for comfort food sets in (stews/soups) and laziness to go out in the COLD takes over.

It’s funny, isn’t it. This happens every year. We need to create a new exercise routine. No more walking at 6 AM, now it’s 7 AM or lunch time. No more walking at 4:30 PM, too dark outside. I need to dust off my rowing machine, pull out my weights. Create new exercise habits until March.

There are REWARDS for walking. Look at this lovely bird I saw in the window. I don’t feed the birds, so was pleasantly surprised to see this bird feeder suctioned to the window. It held the weight of the bird nicely, as you see.

I was brought back to Italy. My grandmother fed the pigeons on her apartment balcony. It was a morning ritual. Make her tea and give bread crumbs to the birds. It’s nice to have birds as friends.

I’m not alone in my “move into winter mode.” Look at this squirrel, he’s been eating a lot too. In fact, he was enjoying his lunch so much that he let me get a close up of him, no fear, he just kept chomping.

As I finish my post, I see the sun rising.

Got to lace up, head out walking. GET IT DONE!

We do FEEL better when we exercise! No more winter laziness!! Exploration awaits, right!?!

9 thoughts on “Exercise – Never know what you might see!

    1. Good point! Many people say that having a dog gets them out to walk. My daughter laughed once when she was dog sitting. She thought she’d get good exercise, but said she didn’t because so many people like to talk and socialize with their dogs that power walking is out.

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  1. I Love Birds and Live next to bushland full of different kinds of birds. And they wake me up. Knows the moment I stir when waking myself in the mornings. Sometimes too cold in the morning to leave the warmth of my bedroom 🙂

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