Antique Shopping

This weekend I was driving home from Michigan and I saw an Antique Shop. It was on the other side of the road, I had to make one of those “quick” decisions. Stop or keep going. I decided to take the extra time, stop in.

Glad I did. I found this painting. I really liked the vibrancy of the blue color of the lake with sailboats.There were a lot of interesting things to see.

Some booths had such old things. I immediately thought of a movie set director needing some props for a WWII movie or something like that.

Antique shops are interesting by area too. What you find in Indiana would be different from California, Texas or New York for example.

An enjoyable outing.

15 thoughts on “Antique Shopping

    1. Yes, I really liked it. The only issue is hanging it. Maybe you can see, they have the wire so you hang the painting and you SEE the wire. Strange. The wood frame is very heavy. So, I thought, I can either add some material around the wire, keep it as it OR I would have to buy some new wire, hooks to secure it lower on the frame. Otherwise, I LIKE it! I found it right at the VERY END, about to leave, looked to the LEFT and there it was!! A LUCKY FIND!

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      1. You are RIGHT, I was trying to remember when I saw pictures hung like that. It was a long time ago. That’s why I think I should leave it “as is,” but maybe put something around the wire, some material. I will think about it. The frame is a little banged up, but I like it because its unique and the blue is nice.


      1. No, but we have been absent from the art world for the past few years due to the pandemic. I know my mom often signs the back as well, with the title and date, as well as her initials on the front and her initials are often large! I’ll have to observe when I go gallery visiting again.

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