15 thoughts on “Emoji’s… What do these mean?

  1. I figure the top one is sick with a cold and runny nose. The second one is being a smarty-pants and saying: “You gotta it!”
    Those are my guesses lol I think I get them all wrong, so I mostly avoid using them, other than the happy face and kissing ones.

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  2. Well, knowing today’s generation, who are the ones that make these up, I am guessing the first one is “you are not worth the booger in my nose, so go away”, and the second means “the sparkle in my eye says it is time to switch genders”.

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  3. Looks like none of your followers were able to truly identify what these emojis mean. Guessing was fun, though. My guess is (and I am now also struggling with what seems to be a new autocorrect/autocomplete feature that I’ll now look into turning off!) the first one is something gross about boogers while the second one maybe something uplifting like a twinkle in your eye!

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