Special Christmas Gift — Tea time!

Every year, my sister and I send each other a little Christmas present. This year, she sent me some tea cups. They are so pretty. By chance, at the Antique Shop, I found this tea pot. I loved the bright colors.

The shop owner was a good saleswoman. She happened to walk by and saw me analyzing the tea pot and said, “You are the second person who was looking at that tea pot.”

I smiled and thought, maybe she saw me 10 minutes ago holding it, and didn’t realize it was me. Of course, MAYBE another person WAS looking at MY tea pot. She sold me on it. I couldn’t let someone else have it, I would be thinking and thinking about it on my long 3 hour drive.

Don’t they always say, “Someone else’s junk is another person’s treasure!”

Since the weather is so dreary now, wet and rainy, when I look at the tea cups and tea pot, I smile. My sister is the greatest! Those tea cups are beautiful, they remind me of Spring time.

Time to make tea!

15 thoughts on “Special Christmas Gift — Tea time!

  1. We have a consignment store here where they put three prices on each item: “December”, “January”, and “February”, with each price lower than the last. The longer you wait, the less you pay. It’s effectively a gamble: how long are you willing to wait before you think someone else might but the item instead? Smart selling strategy.

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    1. I’ve never seen that strategy before. YES, it is a gamble, especially if you “want” the piece. The first of the month I would be tip toeing in to see if it was still there. THEN the agonizing decision of if I should by NOW or check in every week. I think this is when we know we don’t “need” something, but we would like it and keep thinking about it, right.


  2. It’s good you decided right away. I walked past a red cheery tea kettle at Winners a few weeks ago and when I went back it was gone, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since, especially when I look at my old dingy kettle.

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