Merry Christmas – The Holiday Puzzle!

It’s the Christmas holiday, it’s cold and snowy. Time for a holiday puzzle, right! I found this one with the vintage red van, made me think of California, surfers, and Lake Tahoe.

At first, I wasn’t enjoying this puzzle. A few things… The puzzle pieces are small, they don’t stick together, so if you want to move a group of them, they all fall apart. Then they have some strange shapes that don’t click in place, they just sit side by side. Some pieces had me fooled, they looked like they were for the border, but NO, they go in the middle somewhere. Chuckling, I guess that’s why we do puzzles, we want to be challenged, right.

There was a huge surprise. I found three special pieces. The cardinal, the snowman and a reindeer!

A special THANK YOU to fellow blogger, Danny Watts: Chronicles of a Fountain Pen for recommending the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear. I’ve been listening to the audio of the first book in the series.The narrator, Orlagh Cassidy is fabulous! What a wonderful story!!

Five more days, then Christmas Eve!

Got to focus, get the puzzle done. I might be on book 2 at this rate.

Happy Holidays!

6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas – The Holiday Puzzle!

  1. The puzzles look nice and I’ve taken note of the book too. The stores are full of puzzles this time of year and I have several Christmas/winter theme ones wrapped up for mom.

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  2. I was thinking “pig” instead of “reindeer” with piece #3. Or how about, pig-with-antlers to look like a reindeer? And hey, my newest granddaughter is Maisie (born last February). Nice to see the name in print!

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