Traveling: Italy in winter…

Whenever I’ve traveled to Italy, it’s usually been in the Spring right before heavy tourist season in June. My daughter was able to find a good flight to Italy, winter rates, so was just there. We’ve learned there are pros/cons to traveling off season.

She noticed not very many tourists, that’s a pro. She could take pictures of special places with no people around. However, major con, many shops and restaurants closed. They had signs on their windows, back in March. I told her, she would have to ask the locals where they go. Also, find grocery stores, she could make sandwiches herself. We chuckled, we like pizza, but not every day for 10 days.

I thought this was a beautiful photograph of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome. I didn’t crop the photo, because the sky is amazing. The light behind the clouds, above the Vatican, it gives us pause to think.

She also took this photograph of the Virgin Mary. I was pleasantly surprised to see she was able to light a candle. In most Italian churches they use the electric candles. Have you seen that? You flip a switch and the electric candle lights up. It’s not very spiritual, prevents fires, so I understand.

I have a few more photos I’ll share of Italy in the next posts.

Right now, airlines are having low fares on winter travel until end of March. BOOK NOW!

Spring is coming. The sun has been shinning.

What special adventures do YOU have planned?

17 thoughts on “Traveling: Italy in winter…

      1. Yes & Yes, the ships will dock at Ketichan (Google River st), Sitka, Juneau, Skagway plus there is wildlife: whales, seal, sealions and if you visit the towns Bald Eagles (flocks of them).

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  1. A friend of mine went to Rome for a long weekend at Christmas time and really enjoyed it. She said it wasn’t busy at all – she was in medical school overseas and couldn’t afford to come home.

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