When Earpods go haywire!

Something really funny happened to me recently. I walk a lot and needed some Earpods. The Powerbeats that Apple recommends are good, but pricey. I have a pair, but they are getting old.

I was at TJ Max the other day and I saw these Earpods that looked pretty snazzy. Great price, around $35, I think. DONE, I decided to stop searching for Powerbeats, buy these instead.

There’s a reason why Apple always recommends using “their” products versus other brands.

Here’s what happened…

I charged these new earpods, which seemed to do well. I put them in my ears and headed out for a walk. My girlfriend called. I could hear her really well. I was feeling proud of my purchase and saving money. BUT WAIT… that didn’t last long.

Here’s where it went haywire. It was really windy, I went to put my hair behind my ear. Doing this, I gently touched the Earpod. Well, that hung up on my girlfriend and turned my audio book on. How weird is that. I didn’t push on anything, just barely touched the headphone. My girlfriend was calling me back and I was still trying to turn the audio book off.

Wait – there’s more. Somehow, these Earpods made my Garmin watch go crazy too. This has NEVER happened. Suddenly, my watch was indicating that I needed to count my breathing. I did E -V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G to get out of that breathing segment. No button I pushed worked. My Garmin watch kept telling me how PROUD they were of me for using the breathing segment. You know, those rah-rah messages they send us. I was really going insane.

Man-O-Man! When I took those Earpods off they were constantly flashing red/blue, red/blue. It was so annoying. I wondered what other device of mine these Earpods were trying to “attack!”

I had renewed appreciation for my Powerbeats. I never had an issue like this.

So, cheaper is not always better. Not in this case.

What electronic issues have you had lately?

19 thoughts on “When Earpods go haywire!

  1. Blue Tooth can cross and send mixed messages to almost any smart device. I am not a blue tooth fan, but everything seems to be using it now. Electronics are not so much a problem on this end because we are for the most part still 1992, pre-blue tooth technophobes.

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  2. That’s wild! Cheaper is not always better. My electrical problems were crazy last week. We installed solar and they upgraded our breaker box. They rewired our kitchen wrong and we blew up the dishwasher. Then the garbage disposal quit working….At least the house didn’t burn down.

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  3. I used to work for Black & Decker and one of their federal regulations was to identify and test the impact battery operated drills etc would have on other electrical equipment. Mostly radio, TV etc reception… I guess times have changed.

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  4. I did a double-take on the logo of your earpod manufacturer (upper left corner). Thought it said “Porn” instead of “Pom”. They need to rethink their font. As for the earpods themselves, it’s almost as if the pods were trying to assume control of your other apps, which sounds funny until you think about some of the piracy going on with technology. Better to stick with the major brands, even at increased cost. It did make for an entertaining story. I think I would’ve just ripped them out of my ears and shut everything down before trying to figure out what was really going on.

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    1. I’m the same way, but when the Ipad and IPhone died, new technology doesn’t allow for the old wired earphones there is no plug in, they “make you” go wireless. I see a crazy / funny mosaic on this. LOL


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