When a PICTURE makes you THINK of pasta!

When I was at the grocery store, I saw Pierogi, so many choices. I have a friend who gets in the mood for them. It’s interesting, because they are like Italian ravioli. Then, I thought, you’ve got the Asian pot stickers. All a little different, but the same idea with a different name.

Do you have a preference for any of these? I wonder, do the Germans/Austrians have something like ravioli or pierogi? I know they make great dumplings.

Thinking of dumplings, I’m getting in the mood for Matzo Ball soup now!

15 thoughts on “When a PICTURE makes you THINK of pasta!

  1. Yummy. I was raised on Pierogi and have my German Canadian mother’s recipe. I love potato and onion, and potato and cheese. I was delighted to find some at a grocery store near me here in Spain. Happy days. The best comfort food ever.

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  2. Funny thing, as a kid our family business was making ravioli. My grandfather started the business, but he never ate them. I ate with him, so I never developed a taste for them either. Just give me a good plate of spaghetti.

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