Ah… Amazon and feeling cheated.

We all know that ordering off of Amazon is quick and easy. I don’t do it very often, prefer to shop local, but when I can’t find what I want —> There is Amazon.

I recently ordered a backpack. I needed one, shopped around, was trying to find a sale, wasn’t finding one, so had to buy at full price. I found this Adidas bag I liked. It was $60, I wanted to spend $30 or below; however, my daughter has one, good quality, I liked the style, so bought it.

Imagine my SURPRISE. I am looking it over and I see this tag that says, “CLEARANCE $17.98”

It’s hard to be HAPPY with a purchase, when we see a tag like that. I engaged with Amazon’s Customer Service. They said they understood my frustration, but sales come and go, they couldn’t do anything. So, I have to decide, how much ENERGY do I want to put into this? I KNOW I should write to the top, let the CEO know what’s going on. If they are selling at $60, sale over, then take the $17.98 Clearance tag off.

Actually, writing to the top helps. I recently bought a sofa from a big Dept store. They sent me a USED sofa, it must have been a floor model or been in storage for YEARS. I called Customer Service, they said an inspector would need to come in 3 weeks, etc. I didn’t want to deal with that. So, I wrote to the CEO of the Dept store. I took a guess on his email.

Guess what, within a day, I received a response. Within four days, bad sofa picked up and account credited. I had sent photos of the “bad sofa,” I was polite, but asked if this was the type of quality this Dept store was sending out. I wanted HIM (CEO) to be aware of this.

So, as I write this…

I KNOW — I must once again, sit at my computer, crack my knuckles and write a stellar message, wasting valuable time to seek justice OR at least alert the top that this is happening.

MAYBE the top will have the same message as Customer Service, an “Oh well, sorry.” However, there is a chance that they will be “shocked too,” and make things right!

It’s exhausting to fight for justice.

17 thoughts on “Ah… Amazon and feeling cheated.

  1. That would be frustrating. If they don’t do anything about the price, can you return the backpack?

    I recently ordered a facemask for sleeping from Amazon. It was supposed to be for hot and cold. The item I received said, cold only do not microwave. It said clearly on the one I purchased that it was microwavable.

    Interesting thing is that I read a few reviews before I ordered and it was a big complaint that people were not getting the correct product. I ordered it anyway thank you and if that’s the case I’ll just return it. Well, I worked with the customer service department for the company. I got somebody really good. They researched the matter and found out that. Yes indeed they were advertising a product that is not available. They said they would update, the website accordingly. They refunded my money and I got to keep the original mask.

    Sometimes it works out, but I definitely appreciate the information and tip about contacting the CEO of a company.

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    1. Yes, I can return it. The thing is, I really do like the color/quality. My daughter has a similar one, said it holds a lot, and its light weight. Backpacks are like gym shoes, not easy to buy. So, “thinking” if I should return it, but then I’m back to researching other ones, unless I find this one cheaper. I THINK that’s the deal. If Amazon looks and others are selling for similar price, they say, “SORRY.” This situation though, leaving the tag on… not nice. :). GLAD your situation was sorted out. Win some, lose some.


  2. “It’s exhausting to fight for justice…” – amen to that, Monica! Amazon purchases are tricky because you have so many vendors out there seeking pure profit on products we demand but can’t find elsewhere. I find myself comparing the Amazon price to other websites (especially those of the products themselves) to convince myself I’m paying an honest price. But I’ve never seen a discount tag like this so you are right to pursue the lower price. BTW, nice choice of backpack (not that I’d pay $60 for it…)

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    1. Ah Dave, we pay more when we’ve researched a lot and know this is good size, quality, etc. Backpacks are not all created equal. Fran has this one, she got hers good price and NU bookstore, I might go over there, see what they have. I can still return this one until the end of the month.


  3. Remember, Amazon also entertains 3rd party vendors. There are plenty of articles out there about people who scour local stores for clearance items, and then put the on Amazon/eBay/Facebook Marketplace for the original price. Amazon processes millions of orders a day, and it is nearly impossible to monitor every transaction and every third party vendor. Try not to blame Amazon for this.

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    1. I know… it was an “honest” mistake, but it’s the principal of the thing. It’s a good quality backpack and looks nice and its light weight. I did a lot of research. My daughter has a similar one, so it’s been TESTED!

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  4. How frustrating! I would feel cheated as well and would return the item, if they do not give it to you for that price.
    While in Walgreens at Park City,UT, I saw an electric hairbrush for $19 that normally goes for around $50. At the cashier it rang for $60. I took the cashier back to the display and she said: “oh, we will give it to you for that price”.
    Good luck, I am sure your letter will produce results!!

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  5. I view all purchases on Amazon as caveat emptor. I had an issue with Verizon (extremely poor behavior on their part), I wrote to their corp office = crickets. But as you clearly experienced, it can work.

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  6. How frustrating and annoying for you. I am not a fan of Amazon at the best of times. Over the years I have had poor service and damaged items from various suppliers but sometimes the angst of claiming recompense is not worth the struggle. Although I do agree that politeness is the best approach for a satisfactory outcome 🙂 G.

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