This Bald Eagle Dad is Incubating a Rock

I was catching up on the news the other day and I saw a short segment on this bald eagle and his rock. Have you seen it?

This bald eagle’s name is Murphy, he lives at the World Bird Sanctuary in Missouri. Apparently, he’s a devoted Dad, he’s incubating a rock. He wounded his wing when he was young, so will never fly. Murphy is going through Spring hormones, so that’s why he’s in “nesting phase.” He built the nest, found this rock and has been taking care of it. He’s very territorial of his rock. It takes 35 days before an egg hatches. Well, we know this “ah… egg” won’t be hatching.

You can view Murphy taking care of his rock here.

The video is worth watching. Murphy has excellent parenting skills.

These bald eagles are so beautiful!

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