A book, some Baci and the ocean… What could be better?

Recently, I was in the San Francisco area. I was by the ocean, went into a very small book store. Small bookstores are wonderful, they have a more interesting choice of books. Usually, many local authors, which I like.

As I went to purchase The Cat Who Saved Books, they had the Italian Baci candies at the check out. What a treat! I haven’t had them for so long. I thought it was a lovely idea to buy a book, a few Baci chocolates, then head to the ocean and start reading. I bought three!

This story sounded interesting about a boy who is depressed when his grandfather dies. He meets a talking cat and goes on quests to “save books.” I was curious about the talking cat and saving books, how/where and what kind?

I’m at the beginning stages of reading this book, so no book review yet. Summer is coming, I think this will end up in the beach bag for summer reading. Life is so busy right now, no time to read.

What small bookstore have you found lately? We do need to support them, I try!

15 thoughts on “A book, some Baci and the ocean… What could be better?

    1. I keep finding new books. I still have YOURS to read and I want to stop by the library to request they look at your books. I might find an email and can write to them, then have a screen shot of your books. That might be the most efficient way.

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      1. How kind of you. I also keep finding new books to read. We have a lot of used books here, in charity shops and book exchanges. So I’m always picking up books to read. The pile is high. xo

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  1. My kids live in Berkeley and they took me to a fabulous bookstore in SF, but I don’t remember the name. When my daughter was in school at the U of Utah, there was a fabulous book store I’d visit downtown SLC called Ken Sanders Rare Books.

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  2. Hi. In my area (greater Philadelphia), bookstores are not plentiful. There are a few small ones that seem to be hanging in there. But I’m sure it’s not easy for them. As for big bookstores, there used to be two Barnes And Noble stores within two miles of my house. But they both closed in recent years.

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    1. That’s too bad, but it’s happening all over. The bookstores close, they think people will read online. Then they start to open bookstores again, when they realize people do like hard copy. It’s a slow process.

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