Baseball – What do you think, a vintage Cubs hat?

Baseball season is in full swing. I’m not a huge sports fan, meaning I’m not watching every game or anything like that. However, I do support our team, the Cubs.

I was visiting a friend, walking the neighborhood and stopped in my tracks when I saw this tree. How clever. This art creation of a Cubs fan took effort. It’s so funny, looks like an older man. Profiling here, tall and a bit chubby, holding a beer, maybe with shirt too tight? We have to go older since the hat looks vintage.

Looking at the hat. What is that to the left of the “C?” Is it meant to be a drawing of a player with helmet on, bat in hand?

Maybe that hat is the colors of the Cubs, but it’s not an old Cubs hat. Any Cubs experts out there or OLD ENOUGH to know logo changes, LOL.

What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Baseball – What do you think, a vintage Cubs hat?

  1. Not a “fan”, because I need the artist to explain what he/she had in mind with the white lines on the left and then I’d go, “Oh, I get it now.” Or maybe I’m just a purist when it comes to baseball caps 🙂

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