Did you get rid of that clown doll?

This weekend I saw my parents. I was visiting for Mother’s Day. They are in their 80s, inevitably our conversation turned to different memories. I’m not sure why, but we started talking about toys we had as kids. I asked my mother if she had FINALLY gotten rid of that clown doll my twin brother had. It was scary looking. For the longest time, my mother had kept it in this trunk of hers.

I always had a bit of a fright when I opened that trunk, and there was that doll with the scary grin. She said she had given it to my brother. I hope he gave it away. We discussed how some people have a real fear of clowns. I don’t have a fear of them, I just didn’t like that doll. It was a plush type of doll. It came out during the popularity of the “Bozo the Clown” show. Anyone remember him? I never liked that show either.

My mother loved the Raggedy Ann dolls. Coming from Italy, they didn’t have dolls that looked like that, so she was always collecting them. She said, just like clowns, there we people who found these dolls scary. Really, I would not have thought that.

So, what doll, stuffed animal or toy did you or your kids dislike growing up?

14 thoughts on “Did you get rid of that clown doll?

  1. Bozo was a family favorite growing up – nothing scary about him as far as we were concerned. But then “Poltergeist” came out (scary toy clown scene) and Stephen King’s “It” (murderous clown) and my impression of clowns changed forever. You also had dolls showing up in other horror movies (“Magic”, “Chucky”) so those didn’t help.

    As for Raggedy Ann and Andy, they still look completely innocent to me.

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  2. Ha, funny. I have a few clowns on my curio shelf. I had a doll collection. When we moved to the mountains, my father went for some training for his new job in the Catskills and he returned with a Geisha Japanese doll for me in a box. Every night I dreamed that the Japanese doll was coming for me with her long elegant hands. I mostly kept her in the box but this did not stop me from living and working in Asia many years later.

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    1. How wonderful. I had a Geisha Japanese doll too that my parents brought me from Japan. She sat in her lovely box for everyone to see, with her cute umbrella. I found her elegant, not scary. Wonderful that you experienced living and working in Asia.

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      1. I also had a wonderful Aunt Jemina doll and a vodoo doll. Clowns, though do not scare me but I have had a few students in middle school who were terrified of them. People who collect stuffed dolls scare me, for some reason.

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  3. We had a large stuffie tiger in our basement where we would often play. I don’t remember being afraid of it per se, but I do remember having some bad dreams that included that tiger😬

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