Best Snowman of the Year!

This past weekend Chicago was hit with a lot of snow. It was fun to see a father with his child building a snowman. The hat is so perfect and the green scarf lovely – the perfect photograph!

It’s an artistic snowman. I like how the bottom spreads out, but somehow they made the stomach area look really round. Look at those sticks for arms/hands. This snowman makes me smile.

For me, so far, this is the Snowman of the Year! UNLESS, we get another snow storm, then let’s see what happens.

GUESS WHAT – Feb 2nd is Groundhog Day. Will Phil Punxsutawaney, the groundhog, see his shadow??? It’s a silly tradition. Has anyone ever checked to see if the yearly predictions were true?

When eyes are watching you!

I walked in the store to buy some milk. Look what I saw. This cat pillow alone on the shelf. While I don’t have a cat, it caught my attention. The shape, the eyes. It’s fun!

I wonder if a dog might attack it thinking it was a “real” cat. I don’t have a dog either, so cannot test it out.

Sometimes in our busy, rush, rush, rush day, we were meant to STOP and SMILE!

What’s made YOU stop and slow down lately?

Decorating with life size SHEEP…

If you love sheep like I do, you’ll think this is a BEAUTY! I found this by accident. I was at the store browsing their Easter decorations. Wondering if there was anything new and interesting, gnomes are the “in thing.” But then suddenly, I saw this life size sheep. Beautiful! What craftsmanship. This was a high end sheep with plush wool, a child could sit on it. I immediately looked at the tag, no price, but it did have the manufacturer’s information.

Of course, made in Germany by Meier.Germany! It’s a family owned business, third generation now. The business was started in 1948 by Hermann Meier (father). His focus was on rocking horses, and he did very well. Then Horst Meier (son) entered the business. He expanded the rocking horse line to include life size sheep and other animals. These are expensive toys / decorating sheep starting at $250 and up.

I came across deSaive deSign / Interior Design & Accessory company. They have a wonderful design website, go check it out, with a section specific to the Meier.Germany products.

I enjoyed seeing this photo. We can decorate our living room with a sheep on the side. LOVE THAT! I wonder what would happen if someone had a cat. Yikes, their $1,000 sheep would become a scratch toy, ouch! The family comes back from vacation to discover their beautiful sheep exists no longer – all the wool pulled out.

Just thinking… There must be a Canadian company that makes sheep toys. I’ll have to investigate.

Happy Decorating!

Decorating – Outdoor Furniture

I went to the store to look for a small carpet to put under my bed. As I entered the store, I got the biggest SURPRISE. Look at this piece of outdoor furniture. It’s wonderful. I felt like I was suddenly on vacation in India or Thailand. It’s so unusual. I’m thinking it was a display model somewhere.

As I kept walking, another big surprise. I found this Cabana. I went from Asia to a resort in Hawaii. Outdoor furniture is getting fancy and luxurious. I’ve always wanted to fall asleep under the stars. Now, of course, there is the issue of mosquitos…

Guess what, this Cabana was manufactured in Poland by Rondo. They make furniture for restaurants, hotels, patio areas, etc. It’s very high end and durable, as you can see.

This was a fun shopping day. Ok, I didn’t find the carpet I wanted; however, I left smiling. These are beautiful pieces of furniture compared to my tiny umbrella and little beach chair. Ah, they will have to make due UNTIL I can go on that official tropical vacation.

A margarita is still calling me…