Decorating – Outdoor Furniture

I went to the store to look for a small carpet to put under my bed. As I entered the store, I got the biggest SURPRISE. Look at this piece of outdoor furniture. It’s wonderful. I felt like I was suddenly on vacation in India or Thailand. It’s so unusual. I’m thinking it was a display model somewhere.

As I kept walking, another big surprise. I found this Cabana. I went from Asia to a resort in Hawaii. Outdoor furniture is getting fancy and luxurious. I’ve always wanted to fall asleep under the stars. Now, of course, there is the issue of mosquitos…

Guess what, this Cabana was manufactured in Poland by Rondo. They make furniture for restaurants, hotels, patio areas, etc. It’s very high end and durable, as you can see.

This was a fun shopping day. Ok, I didn’t find the carpet I wanted; however, I left smiling. These are beautiful pieces of furniture compared to my tiny umbrella and little beach chair. Ah, they will have to make due UNTIL I can go on that official tropical vacation.

A margarita is still calling me…

11 thoughts on “Decorating – Outdoor Furniture

  1. That cabana is a thing of beauty! I can picture it with some gauzy white curtains blowing in the breeze, something I actually bought a few years ago although they didn’t achieve quite what I pictured draped around my swing. I needed something taller. I envy you being able to go into a store and look around….even when we open up in mid-June the stores will be at 15% capacity……

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    1. Joni, Canada sounds like Europe. We had the smaller capacity in stores a few months ago. Within the past 3 weeks, we can go more freely where we want. Traffic has gotten bad again, but it is nice to go into some stores. Well, your turn is coming… Hang in there.

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    1. It was my Italian mother. Growing up, little kids don’t pay attention to things. My mother was always saying “Look how beautiful that door is, look at funny that rooster is or the person sitting on the park bench.” She made us observe things. YOU observe things a lot too!! I like that.

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      1. You are so funny. My mother made us study too. Oh, and don’t get me started about how we look, dress, our weight, listen to Opera music,… Even now, she will tell my twin brother it is time to die his hair. I think he looks good with some grey. AH, it’s TOO much. She would say it was HER DUTY to teach us, help us improve, etc. My younger brother said, he relieved her of these burdensome duties! THAT was always funny! Very lively household, that’s for sure! 🙂

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