Writing prompts — Halloween

I was out walking this weekend enjoying the Halloween decorations people put up. I smiled when I saw this witch who hit the tree.

Writing prompts / story ideas came to mind:

  • New witch learning to fly…
  • Witch couldn’t take the media / politics anymore.
  • No trick or treating?
  • COVID — I’m done!
  • Travel ban – no where to go.
  • Quarantine – stayed home so long, forgot to fly.
  • This is the worst Halloween ever.
  • Who spiked the brownies?
  • Too dark, no full moon – splat!

I’m sure this photo sparks your own Halloween ideas.

Be inspired — start writing!

10 thoughts on “Writing prompts — Halloween

  1. All good ideas…..but maybe she’s just one of those “tree-hugger people!” Maybe they are coming to cut it down and she’s flung herself at it to protect it from the big bad company, who’s planning to cut down a whole row of ancient trees to make room for a new subdivision and a strip mall, and she plans to stay there all day and night if that’s what it takes, except she’s really wishing someone would bring her an espresso as she needs caffeine….and so do I !

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      1. Thank you! Be my guest and write away….I’m too immersed in the art world right now to do any writing. There was a tree-hugger here who was knitting afghans and draping them around the trunks of trees….they would appear overnight so no one knew who was doing it. I guess she thought the trees might get cold?

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