Art – Walking the plank?

I saw this art recently. My first thought was of someone walking the plank. I was surprised that it was put on this building. Then I wondered if this had to do with Peter Pan and Captain Hook.

So, I decided to Google the artist.

His name is Hubertus von der Goltz. This art installation is called, “Encounter.” Visit his website to see his work.

The problem with the above art is from my angle, I ONLY saw one piece of the art, not the entire art piece.

Take a look…

Big difference to see the entire art installation; however, I am still not a fan of seeing people on top of a building looking like they want to kill themselves. Maybe they need to be in bright costumes, so they look happy, but in all black it does not give a happy image for me. FOR YOU, you might like it.

The beauty of analyzing art is that we can all have our own opinion.

Enjoy the weekend!

8 thoughts on “Art – Walking the plank?

  1. We had an exhibit in nyc about ten years ago that was statues on top of buildings….lots of 911 calls about that. But then it became a game, spotting the statues…

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  2. That should be called “2020” – we are all hanging on for dear life.
    Or perhaps “Online Dating” . If one can navigate it successfully, one can be rewarded with their match on the other side.
    They should have put clowns juggling or ballerinas, etc
    Blessings! ♥♥

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  3. I prefer the first photo. When I see the full piece I think they’re balancing on a helicopter prop, as if they should be rotating with the wind (which would be even more unsettling). I’m with you – the distraction is not altogether satisfying. We have a scarecrow sitting on a front porch chair right now and I do the same double-take you did. Have to remind myself he’s not real!

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