MUSHROOM coffee, oh yeah!

Just when I thought we couldn’t get any healthier. My daughter introduces me to Mushroom Coffee. Yes, you heard that right – M U S H R O O M – coffee. I immediately thought of magic mushrooms, isn’t that a drug that is illegal. I got on Google.

The Four Sigmatic site says none of the mushrooms they use are illegal. Mushroom coffee will not make you hallucinate. Phew! It’s a combination of normal coffee and mushroom powder. You’d have to go to the site to learn more specifics.

How did it taste? Light, earthy (not like mushrooms) coffee taste. Not strong, mild. Definitely did not feel like I had a caffeine buzz of any sort. Light on the stomach, not acidic.

Would I drink it again. YES, but it’s expensive for every day drinking. Still need to learn more about it. Good to try something new. I cannot drink normal coffee anymore, too acidic, gives me stomach pains. So, trying to find that NEW favorite drink… lemon water seems BORING.

If you have tried it, share your thoughts.

14 thoughts on “MUSHROOM coffee, oh yeah!

    1. My daughter was reading up on Dr Hyman. Have you heard of him? He’s been on PBS, talks about diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease, etc. Anyhow, it was through one of his YouTube videos that she heard him talk about this mushroom coffee. The bad thing is that it’s expensive… Although, someone in a forum said, if you buy coffee for $3-5, 7 days a week — then the cost of this coffee equals that. I didn’t feel like I was drinking coffee, it was very mild, so no caffeine buzz. It reminds me of a few years ago, when Chai or Matcha became the big health thing to drink. Something NEW to try.


    1. Well… this is definitely mild. Does not taste like mushrooms, just earthy. I think we are all creatures of comfort. If it isn’t broke, why fix it. BUT we can venture out of our comfort zone a little bit. Like me eating quinoa now…

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  1. Not gonna lie; sounds like two things that don’t go together at all. I’m glad to hear you didn’t taste the mushrooms (even though I love mushrooms – just not in my coffee). I’ll stick to my $1/cup Nespresso, but I still enjoy your posts on new and different things out there in the world.

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      1. Ok, I’ll look out for it. Hey, I went to your Blog. Enjoyed your post on quilting coffee. Was trying to LIKE it, but not sure what happened. I was brought to someplace else with a blank screen. Do you have a WordPress Blog?


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