Protein Powder — What size is enough?

Look what happened, I asked my daughter to order some protein.

Mega size!

I had such a shock when I saw that HUGE tub. My first thought was, I like protein powder, but that big container was probably going to last 5+ years! I hope I liked the taste.


At that point, she reminded me it was three of us splitting it. More economical to get the biggest container rather than three separate ones. My shock went to praise. Glad she was “thinking” about our pocket books.

So, we are like bears, winter is coming and we are all set for shakes and overnight oats during hibernation. It is getting cold in Chicago!

Wish I could talk longer, but it’s time to go walking.

Soon daylight will change… sigh.

Stay well everyone!

Fitness: Resistance Bands

Staying at home, I have been learning new exercise techniques. I’ve never used resistance bands, but I heard how great they were. So, I bought some, see photo on the left. I gave them a try.

I was not impressed. I put the band on my legs. First off, the band was so tight, I thought it might cut my circulation off. Once in place, I found that the band would not stay in the wide format, instead it kept scrunching up and the elastic would pinch my legs. NOW, exercising is painful as it is, without being snapped by a rubber band every 10 seconds. You can see, they do look like large rubber bands.

My daughter was visiting. She said, “Hey Mama, I didn’t realize you were using resistance bands.”

I said, “Well, I am not anymore, those bands are way too painful.”

This is when she enlightened and told me I needed better resistance bands. I couldn’t imagine how they could get any better, but I put my trust in her.

WOW – was she right! She showed me her 4KOR resistance bands, pictured on the right and had me try them out. What a difference.

The 4KOR band is wider and made of a soft elastic type material. It’s still snug enough to offer resistance, but didn’t pinch the skin. Now, when I did a squat and walked to the left and to the right, I focused on the pain of the workout, not the pinching of my skin.


Having the “right” workout equipment is critical!

Caffeine / vitamins in a stirring stick (pureLYFT™)… Want to give it a try?

pureLYFT 1When I was in College and we needed to pull an “all nighter,” students took a pill called, “NoDoz.” The packaging for NoDoz says it is an “Alertness Aid.”

This made me think of my Dad. When we kids were on the building site and my Dad would ask us for a specific tool, if we were not fast enough, he would say in a demanding voice, “engage brain.”

Imagine this scenario, my Dad is under the sink fixing a leaky faucet (uncomfortable on the back). His four kids are standing to attention. He calls out for a wrench and we hand him a screw driver!

Yikes, now THAT was definitely an “engage brain” moment. We definitely could have used an “alertness aid” at that time.

Imagine my father’s fury at our stupidity. In our defense, we didn’t have cell phones to quickly “Google” what a wrench looked like, so he got the screw driver.

pureLYFT 2Back to the caffeine in a stick. Have you heard of this product called, “pureLYFT™?” As seen in photo, it is a stick. When you add the stick to liquid of any kind, it releases a powder of un-roasted green coffee beans, vitamins A and B complex, and a tiny bit of Stevia. You stir and drink. It’s meant to give you energy similar to a cup of coffee.

Their website mentions using the energy stick for jet lag, at the gym, Mom’s chasing children, College students, trade shows and conferences, hotels, and nightlife. I read a few reviews, one said the powder failed to completely dissolve into the drink. I have not tried it, so cannot agree or disagree.

I came across pureLYFT™ in line at the grocery store. The person in front of me was reading the box. Curious, this led me to read the box. Will I try it?

FIRST, I thought I would write about it, see what you ALL think. SECOND, make my decision on “yea,” or “nay.”

This reminds me of when “Airborne” came out. I did give it a try, especially when traveling on long flights. Did it work, I think so.

pureLYFT™ – What do you think, worth a try?