A Wishing Well…

Sometimes we get LUCKY! I was in Michigan at a fair. They had an historical center with different log cabins.

A I explored the buildings, I came across this Wishing Well. I’ve always wanted to see a Wishing Well up close, throw a coin in and make my wish. Of course, I was a bit disappointed when I got closer. Turns out it was a “fake” Well, no water, and you can probably see from the photo a plastic container inside that was very shallow for a plant maybe.

So, I could not make a wish. It would have been ridiculous. Throwing a penny in, would have felt like throwing my penny in the grass – no meaning. Sigh, but from a distance, the visual of the Well was GOOD!

When I got home, I did a search for Wishing Wells. Amazon sells quite a few, people buy them as a decoration for their garden. I had no idea. I know, it sounds silly, but I live in a city, we don’t put Wishing Wells on our roof tops. I think of Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairly Tales when I think of Wishing Wells.

On to my next adventure. Blueberry and raspberry picking. Take a look at this. A field of raspberries, it was amazing. They are a thorny bush, so next time I wouldn’t wear shorts. Your legs can really get scratched up.

I met some really nice people who were picking. There was an older couple in their 70s, who have been coming to the same farm for years. They said they pick about 8 lbs each time. Their grandkids love the blueberries. There was one mother who said she had been coming for 22 years with her daughter. She was sad, because this summer her daughter could not make it. Kids grow up, but she was picking some for her. Keep the tradition alive.

I got to say, it was wonderful to get out of the city and be on a farm. Smell the fresh air, hear the farm animals.

Oh, guess what, while I was getting gas, I found TWO Lucky pennies.

So, the Wishing Well DID WORK — in a round about way! Don’t you enjoy coincidences like that!

8 thoughts on “A Wishing Well…

  1. You were already lucky, being able to go to a fair! All of our summer and fall fairs have been cancelled again. I’ve never seen a raspberry field before, just a patch, so that would be amazing.

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    1. Yes, we are lucky that right now we can still go to outside activities, but with COVID starting to spike, I think that is going to start changing. We were already told that we must wear mask in-doors again. Our freedom has been short lived. 🙂

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  2. I think your one-and-only wishing well is actually a fountain: the Trevi in Rome. You must go, on your next trip to Italy. Three coins, over the shoulder. “Auguri!”

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  3. Hi Monica,
    It sounds pretty lucky to me!!
    I love the idea of having my own little wishing well and every morning making a wish.
    I never went picking anything, and this year I was all set to go Blueberry and strawberry picking in July, and then a friend canceled, and somehow we didn’t schedule it again.
    Next year I am going for sure!!
    Blessings! ♥♥

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