Oatmeal – WHY must I eat it?

Why do I resist eating oatmeal? Same feelings toward Greek yogurt or smoothies. As soon as I hear those words: oatmeal, greek yogurt and smoothies — I GET MAD!

I think none of us want something shoved down our throat, so to speak. Media, any kind, is on a health kick. That’s fine! I do my best to eat healthy, but sometimes they go OVER BOARD. They make us FEEL guilty. If we don’t eat oatmeal, greek yogurt and smoothies that ANY health issues we have are DIRECTLY RELATED to not eating these foods, THAT they TOLD US, we needed to eat, to STAY ALIVE!

Phew, my rant is complete!

I don’t mind these foods, I just don’t want to be told EVERY DAY to eat them. I feel like a little kid annoyed with his mother for telling him to drink his milk. Trying to change my mind set.

My ex/father/n/law was a doctor. He LOVED oatmeal. At 99 years old when he had his leg amputated from diabetes — YES, this was a sad situation, ALL he wanted was — OATMEAL!

I need to lower my cholesterol. First food on the list to help with this — OATMEAL. Laughing, the dreaded oatmeal. To enjoy oatmeal and cross off a lot of healthy food boxes, I got creative. I read walnuts help lower cholesterol. Also, they say, “An Apple a Day, Keeps the Dr Away.” So, walnuts and an apple went into the oatmeal.

I ONLY used 1/4 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup too much. Start out small. Learn to EMBRACE the love of oatmeal.

See photo, my oatmeal looked and tasted good. Apple adds a lot of sweetness. Food is about presentation, Folks. I made the effort.

WARNING -> Eat oatmeal warm. Once it gets cold, it becomes a blob, not liquidy anymore.

You know what will happen, don’t you? Soon, I will ONLY want oatmeal for breakfast. I’ll even bring instant oatmeal packets on vacation.

Oh no… PLEASE, don’t say that will happen!

23 thoughts on “Oatmeal – WHY must I eat it?

  1. My gym has a cafe where you can get smoothies. After their workout classes they always push you to get protein within 45 minutes of the end of class. I wonder if that’s conventional wisdom or just a ploy to get you to buy their cafe products. I’ve learned to like Greek yogurt (w/ fruit and granola as the sweetener) but my oatmeal HAS to be steel cut oats because of the consistency. All other versions taste like “mush”. BTW, nice presentation in your photo. Very apple-ealing 🙂

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    1. I think I had steel cut oats once, isn’t it a heavier type of oatmeal? Health experts go around in circles on what is better for you — steel cut or old fashioned? I think steel cut take longer to cook, right.


  2. I may not be very helpful because I actually like oatmeal, but… have you tried overnight oats? 😀 No need to cook, you just mix all the ingredients in a jar (in my case, oats, raisins, walnuts and chia seeds, well covered with oat milk) and leave it in the fridge overnight. It’s magic! Haha.

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  3. Hi Monica,
    Like a prior commenter, I love oatmeal cookies, but hate oatmeal. Can I add chocolate powder and condensed milk to it? if so, then perhaps lol
    I do love smoothies and Greek yogurt.
    Good luck with the cholesterol. Mine is on the higher side also. My doctor said that at this point I don’t need medication and to try Red Yeast Rice capsules. I have been taking that, and trying to exercise more.
    Bon Appetit and blessings to you! ♥♥

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      1. Oh wow, I didn’t notice that! Thank you so much for letting me know, I appreciate that.
        I will try to fix it.
        Have a wonderful day!


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