Happy Valentine’s Day – 2022!

I really like linzer cookies. To start, I like, NO – I LOVE raspberries. Shout out to my future boyfriend, you’ve got Valentine’s Day all wrapped up. Surprise me with a heart shaped dish full of raspberries and a heart shaped box with something shiny (Jewelry, need to be specific, right. I don’t want to end up with a little silver spoon or a business card holder.) in it and YOUR GOLDEN!

I spoke to some friends who don’t do anything for Valentine’s Day. If they are alone, they find it depressing. Personally, I think it is a nice day to do something loving for another person. Even if you are alone, you can do something for a friend, your kids, a family member, etc. It’s a day to be thoughtful.

Back to the linzer cookies. One day, I want to make them. A few years ago I bought the cookie cutters. I got the recipe. I was THAT close to making them, but didn’t. So, they are still on the “bucket list.”

I get emails from TableWare International. I’ve always liked tableware products, so it’s fun to see the latest industry news. GUESS WHAT – Fiesta (leading dinnerware brand) comes out with a new color every year. This year they have some new HEART shaped dishes. They’re really pretty. See TableWare International’s article, “Love it! Heart-themed pieces from Fiesta Dinnerware.

The Fiesta dishes look similar to THIS photo with the fruit. Visit FiestaFactoryDirect.com to see ALL the color choices. Oh, and look at their ABOUT section. They started in 1871, two brothers from East Liverpool, Ohio, quite a story.

Do you see how FUN and EASY it can be to make Valentine’s Day special?! It’s all about the hearts!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

11 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day – 2022!

  1. My son and his wife put Fiestaware on their wedding registry several years ago. Not exactly fancy but the plates make their kitchen look very colorful. I didn’t know this style of cookie s called a “Linzer”. Looks almost too pretty to eat (and too big to have more than one). Hope you get around to making them someday, and save one for me!

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      1. I’m reading a book of essays by Ann Patchett, called These Precious Days, and there was one essay that really hit home with me, where she talks about cleaning out her house so that she wouldn’t leave a mess for someone else to do. She’s 58, and married but childless. And she has all these dishes – brandy sniffers, demitasse cups, champagne flutes – mostly from the 80’s that she bought when she was in her 20’s – and she discusses how the life she thought she would have is so different from the life she has. And I’m laughing, because I have brandy snifters, white demitasse cups and all the same things. I do occasionally use my many sets of dishes, but those things – never!

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      2. What she says is so true. I’ve had some friends whose parents passed away and they said going through THEIR stuff was SO AWFUL that they started going through their own things, so their kids would not have to do it. Also, there might be hidden secrets, here and there, that we wouldn’t want our kids to know about. LOL – old romances (just kidding, but sounded good).

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