Fitness – The dreaded HIP pain!

Well, I was over zealous in my squats. For a few weeks now, doing squats was fine. No pain. I take that back, I mean, I had some normal “exercise pain,” which means our routine is WORKING, but no severe pain. UNTIL a few days ago. Walking was fine, but stairs…*#!&

Holy Moley, I suddenly felt like a 90 year old woman. Where did that left hip pain come from? I had obviously aggravated something. I immediately knew I had to stop the squats, but I have been on a rhythm. It’s always annoying to be in a routine, get an injury, and then either be side lined or have to refocus a workout in a different way.

I decided I would walk more, that should be OK, right. WRONG, I was fine until mile 3, when I got to the start of mile 4, my hip was on fire! It was saying, “What the heck are you doing?” I did chuckle to myself. OK, ok, I’ll ice YOU (the hip) when I get home.

On to YouTube for hip pain physical therapy. There are a lot of great videos on stretches that target the outer hip. Also, I liked one guy’s take on this. He said that doctors always say REST. His opinion was that stretching is critical to lengthen the muscles and tendons for quicker recovery. I agree. If we become sedentary, then one day turns into 6+ months of inactivity.

So… I’ve been BENCHED for a little bit!

Next time I’ll take those squats SLOWER! Lesson learned!

11 thoughts on “Fitness – The dreaded HIP pain!

    1. Yes, good to be in shape, so no injuries. Also, depending on the mountains you climb if they are a bit uneven or rocky, it’s easy to twist an ankle or get really winded closer to the top. What mountains are you climbing?


  1. I can relate, no hip pain….yet….. but my back has been acting up this week, something I haven’t had since I lifted that patio table two years ago, to the extent that sitting in front of the computer is challenging. I think I’m turning into one of those old people who can predict a storm coming in by their arthritis pain!

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    1. Thanks for sharing. Agree, I’ve been looking online for the stretches good for hips. Makes a difference. My Dad is in 80s, life is all about aches/pains, he says. LOL So, good that we do stretches now, less aches/pains, right.


  2. I feel your pain, Monica… almost. In my weekly class where we do squats, I can feel my quads on the verge of giving out when I’m down low. Not a good feeling. Also, a personal trainer from several years ago convinced me to incorporate stretching into every workout. Her best advice – warm-up for five minutes, stretch for ten, THEN do your workout. She said people who put off stretching until after their workouts don’t tend to do it. Makes sense.

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    1. Thanks, Dave. You are right, I need to do the stretches before. Yes, I had been going pretty low with the squats and this particular workout had squats, bulgarian lunges, etc. It was too much of the same exercise, but also doing it quickly. AT our age, it’s better to do them with purpose, slow it down. I do see people at the gym doing super body weights so fast. I always want to tell them to slow it down, it looks like an injury waiting to happen. I think you know what I mean. 🙂


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