Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Have a GREAT St. Patrick’s Day! YES, the Chicago River did go GREEN this weekend and we had many parades. It was nice to be back to normal. Although, I hear there are COVID spikes in Europe again. SIGH – let’s pray our new found mask freedom is not short lived.

FOR TODAY — GO IRISH! The University of Notre Dame – Fighting Irish won their basketball game after 2 overtimes. Yes — THAT is something to celebrate! The crowd went wild!

Have a great day!

10 thoughts on “Happy St Patrick’s Day!

    1. They use a vegetable dye, it lasts for about 2-3 days, not the entire river, a little section downtown. YES – I hope we are free of masks, BUT people here still wearing them even though we don’t have to. Also, I heard that COVID is spiking in Europe again. REALLY? I was getting excited when I heard a Rumor that in Italy they might do away with COVID restrictions end of March. THEN I would like to go back. Let’s see what happens… On planes, no masks after April 18th.


      1. How interesting! Around here also, even though we don’t have to wear masks in most places, some people are still wearing them.
        Really, no masks in planes after April 18?? Coincidently I am going to Brazil in April and I am returning April 18!!

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  1. I love the coincidence of Notre Dame’s basketball victory and March 17th. The winning basket was made, in overtime no less, just minutes after midnight on St. Patrick’s Day. Talk about the “luck of the Irish!”

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    1. It seems like things are going back to normal. No masks, but half the people still wearing them. Then we hear COVID has spiked in Europe, so maybe our mask freedom is short lived. It’s hard to tell. Are you still in Portugal? How is it going there?

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