BAD Hiking socks!

I like walking/hiking. This year, I needed some new hiking socks. Due to COVID restrictions, I was lazy and did not go to a sporting goods store. I was at Costco in November and I was in luck. They had these great looking bundle of socks, 4 in a pack, great price. As you see from photo, they looked like a good quality pair of socks and the color was pleasing. So, I bought them. They’ve been comfortable.

Fast forward three months. This is how my socks look now. Really worn out. I thought if I need to see a foot doctor, I would just show him the bottom of my sock. He could determine from that how I am walking, and where foot pain is coming from.

In the past, I leaned toward Smartwool and Darn Tough brand of socks. They are very pricey, no question, but they last for years. Personally, I think the Smartwool run a little narrow.

Well, this year I’ve learned a valuable lesson. Quality of socks does make a difference if you want to use them for walking/hiking. These socks from Costco are nice socks, but they were meant for every day minimal walking.

So, GUESS where I am headed today? YES, Smartwool shopping!!

Spring is here, ready to get back out there and walk. The weather is finally warming up. I’m also searching for some good podcasts to listen to as well. Any suggestions, please share.

Happy Spring!

21 thoughts on “BAD Hiking socks!

  1. — on a different spin on your sock dilemma…
    Growing up (particularly for gym class) we were told to never wear colored socks, but always the white variety. Nowadays it seems just the opposite is true.
    Maybe it’s an “age” thing.

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  2. I buy McGregor brand Weekender socks but I think they may just be a Canadian brand. I’m fussy about socks, but these are a great fit, fairly thick, non-binding, so I stocked up on them in different colors, and have enough socks for years. They are about $10 a pair. They’re not wool though, which is maybe what you need for hiking?

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      1. No, not familiar with Blondo. I wear Tender Tootsies winter hiking boots for walking. I first bought a pair fifteen years ago, and liked them so much that I bought another pair last year, exact same style and boot! I believe that is a Canadian brand too. It’s just a simple black lace-up boot, but very comfortable

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      2. This is the code on my box T00814 and yet it does not look like mine, so as I ordered them 2 years ago they must have changed the appearance. Mine is all black and doesn’t have that gray part on the top. Good reviews though, lots of repeat buyers. They have good grip and good ankle support, not much cushion inside. I see they are out of most of the sizes. You must have lots of good American brands there. I wear size 5 1/2, but a 6 in a boot and am always happy just to find something that fits!

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      3. Wow, thanks for sharing. This is a nice stylish boot. I will save the link. Now we are at end of winter, so I can see all the sizes sold out. Good to think of for next year. Now, you’ve given me a new brand name to consider. 🙂 At our age, comfort is important in shoes. Thanks, Joni.

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  3. It’s a good topic, together with supportive shoes. I want to preserve my arches as long as possible so I avoid flat-soled shoes at all. Thanks for the recs – never heard of these brands.

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    1. I agree, the price is painful, but now as I have bought less expensive socks, I’m appreciative of the quality and long lasting power of Darn Tough — NEVER had worn areas after years of wearing.


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