Colorado – Nature

Recently, I was in Colorado. Imagine my surprise to capture a picture with an eagle, moose and mountain lion all at once. One of my daughter’s thought I had actually seen the moose on a wilderness trail. That means she QUICKLY looked at photo, did not analyze it.

I love this moose. Perfect taxidermy work. I do feel as if I met him on the banks of a river. The mountain lion is cleverly hidden to the right coming out of the cave.

If you are wondering, I was in a Sporting Goods store called, “Scheels.” First time I have been in one. It was similar to a Bass Pro Shop, if you’ve gone there. HUGE – hard to leave without buying something.

Case in point, I found these orange ON gym shoes. I’m not familiar with this brand. Turns out they are from Switzerland, founded in 2010 by three guys who wanted a good running shoe. They’ve been worn by a lot of athletes who have won in their fields. I tried to find out what the logo on the shoe stands for, but couldn’t find anything. If you know, leave a comment.

These are slip ons, so not meant for running. So far, so good, they feel comfortable. Although, I need to tighten up the laces. I love the color.

I’m all set for more walking. We have a heat wave coming though, that might have me indoors, let’s see!

Happy exercising!

8 thoughts on “Colorado – Nature

  1. The first time I saw the Ferris Wheel plunked down in the middle of a Scheel’s, I fully appreciated the scale of this massive department store. Any one of its “departments” is big enough to be a standalone shop. Not to mention, you can get your sugar fix at the full-size candy store. I think one of my kids sports the ON shoes so I’ll have to see what they think. Keep us posted on whether your pair was a good purchase or not.

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  2. Looks like the ultimate spot for some productive retail therapy. Interested to know how the new shoes feel after some use. Most of what I wear now are slip-ons but they seem to lose ankle support over time. Maybe I’m just expecting too much?

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    1. Yes, I think you are expecting too much. I think slip ons are just that… slip ons, easy, but no support, so as we wear them they lose more support. For me, that’s the beauty of them, they slip on easy, my foot feels free. NOW, when I am going walking for exercise, then I need structure and use my gym shoes. THESE shoes I bought are nice, I feel like they are similar to Sketchers, maybe a little more structure. Shoes are trial/error – find what we love, and try to stick with them, right. 🙂


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