Goats on Chicago River Cruise, ComEd celebrates, job well done!

Finally, a feel good story coming out of Chicago. We need more stories like this in the news. Sharing, so you have a SMILE today.

ComEd uses about 200 goats to clear out vegetation under hard to reach power lines.

Kiko goats have hearty appetites, they can graze through 1 acre of land in a week. Nice to see them taking their jobs seriously. They are on loan from Goats on the Go. While they seem small, they do have a strong stature.

I’ll be smiling all day!

Here’s to the start of September and working hard — ALL OF US — goats included!

5 thoughts on “Goats on Chicago River Cruise, ComEd celebrates, job well done!

  1. Goat herds are popular in Colorado for clearing acreage. They leave NOTHING behind – must have cast-iron stomachs! It really is impressive what a herd can do in a short amount of time. I imagine the cost of renting them is not cheap.

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