HEALTH: Broken Bones – Can they hurt later in life?

This photo resembles how I felt today. I was trying to open a glass jar of red cabbage. Goal, get the button on the top of the lid to pop. Since COVID my left wrist hurts when I try to open jars/cans. THAT jar and others would not open, no matter what I tried.

Is this significant? Well, when I was around 10 years old I played a game with my twin brother. My parents’ home had a hill on the side of it. We loved to run down the hill, as fast as we could, and see WHO could touch the side of the brick house first!

As we became more competitive, when our two hands hit, not touched, the side of the brick house the impact on our hands/wrists was quite strong. Basically, we used the wall to stop ourselves.

Well, you probably guessed what happened. The last time we ran down the hill, determined to beat my twin brother, I got to the side of the house first, hit the wall and SNAP. My hand/wrist went funny.

I still remember that weird feeling we get when we’ve sprained our ankle, slight dizziness, nausea in stomach. I was not feeling well. I had to hold on to my hand. We immediately went inside to have my mother assess the situation. She’s Italian, imagine the “Oh Gesù.”

At first she didn’t believe us. In her mind, we were supposed to be playing “nicely” outside. How could THIS happen?? As my wrist started to swell up, it was clear, something was wrong. She had me take my t-shirt off, SO PAINFUL. She was guessing if I needed a cast, there would be no way to get the t-shirt off later with cast on. So, I slipped on one of my Dad’s button down shirts.

Off to the Doctor we went. Sure enough, broken wrist. Back then they had these very HOT plaster strips they wrapped around my hand up to my elbow to form the cast. I was given a sling and so began my 6 weeks of “no fun.” Hard to sleep at night with such a heavy cast too. Anyhow, it was fun having people sign it. However, it got so itchy inside that after a while, I thought I would go INSANE.

Fast Forward — over 40 years later and suddenly that SAME wrist is giving me issues. I find that interesting. I only feel a bit of funny pain when I try to open a can or a jar. You know the tough ones where the button on the lid has to pop up. Otherwise, my wrist is perfectly fine.

Haven’t people said they’ve had bone/joint pain after COVID?

Pondering this. Thoughts? Anyone with similar issues after COVID?

OR — LOL — Are you going to say, “Welcome to OLD age, HONEY!”

49 thoughts on “HEALTH: Broken Bones – Can they hurt later in life?

  1. As for COVID, my son had two surgeries in the past year. He was healing fine and then got COVID. Six weeks later he’s gone backwards on his recovery from foot and shoulder surgeries. His doctor told him they’ve discovered a COVID inflammatory syndrome that is causing his pain. The doctor said it’s from either having the disease or the vaccines. I know my knees hurt and are stiff like never before.

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    1. I agree, I’ve felt different from receiving the 3 vaccines. Not enough testing was done on them, but we do know we don’t die anymore, so that is good, but I do believe their are OTHER issues with the vaccines. LOOK at ALL the commercials for medications, so many side effects – you don’t want to take them. LOL

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      1. I agree – not enough testing done – the technology was too new – see my comment above. I’m worried now about all the reports of increased risk of brain fog/Alzheimers…..the same inflammatory process going on?

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      1. He’s 29 and it’s very depressing for him to feel so much pain and be limited in activities. He may come stay with us for a couple weeks so I can wait on him! It will give his girlfriend a break.

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    2. That’s interesting. My 90 year old mother ended up in ER last winter after her third shot, the COVID booster, with a very swollen left knee, the doctors were puzzled over it. It did clear up after a week or so. Since then, I have had another physician tell me there have been reports of synovial inflammation in joints. I googled and did see a case report of similar reaction in a 23yr old, so it can’t be blamed on old age. I’m very reluctant to give her another booster this winter, and hope that Novavax, the e non-mRNA vaccine is available as it might be a safer option for her. I’m thinking maybe if there is an underlying inflammatory issue there, it is making it worse???

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      1. It’s hard to know. I do think it stopped people from dying and older people probably “should” get it, because I think the vaccination lasts 6 months? Not sure. I mean, we get flu shot yearly. I never got flu shot until I started working at a Hospital and it is mandatory.

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      2. It might be. The fourth booster was available here in Ont. Canada this summer but we decided to wait as the stats and risk were low. There’s a lot of confusion now between the different provinces as to what exactly is being offered this fall – more of the same original vaccine, the newly available bi-valent with the Omicron BA1 or wait a few months for the new BA4/5 the companies are tweaking?? There has been very little/no guidance from the federal government health people. They probably don’t know either. I think we’ll wait. I’m a big believer in the annual flu shot, but this is a whole other unknown.

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      3. Joni, thanks for sharing that. I agree, I do think the COVID vaccines were hard on the body. I had 3, plus a flu shot and 3 Shingles shots last year. My body was wiped out — LOL – with vaccinations. This year, I have to get the flu shot, my hospital where I work encouraging us to get the Booster. I haven’t decided. I’m glad your Mom is doing better, so she can paint. LOVE her paintings. I feel I need to buy one, one day. Does she sell any?


      4. I’m a big believer in the flu shot, esp. for seniors, but there’s a well established manufacturing/safety track record there. And even if they do have to tweak the formula every year and it’s a guess which strains may be circulating, I think it’s worthwhile, as you have a milder case. I had the H1N1 flu before the vaccine was available and it was two weeks of misery back in 2009! I turned 65 last year so was eligible for free Shingrix, (2 shots), Pnemovax (1 dose), plus 3 Covid and the flu vaccine – and I agree I felt like it was all just too much. And I still need to update my Tetanus/Diptheria. I’m very reluctant to add in any more Covid boosters right now. I was not a big fan of the mRNA technology as it was too new., but the alternative seemed to be dying. Mom hasn’t been painting as much as her eyesight isn’t as good now for detail. She’s been more into jigsaw puzzles this past year. She does sell occasionally, but if it’s a good picture is reluctant to part with it. That’s why we prefer to do exhibits in museums as they don’t pressure you to sell or even price as there is no commission. That’s my preference too. The two exhibits where she had to price she put the prices so high they wouldn’t sell – like $500. But she had a couple of sailboats in a smaller gallery which she priced at $100 and I was sure they wouldn’t sell but they did – so I wish I had them back and had put them higher. I plan on hopefully taking her last exhibit which got aborted by Covid, somewhere else someday. The museums seem to be back open now. I will keep you in mind someday, when I have to figure what to do with 300 or so paintings! They’re not all good however, about 150 good ones. Her closets and spare bedrooms are full of boxes of paintings, we’ve run out of storage space.

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  2. I would never say, “Welcome to old age,” but I’m not above saying, “Well at your age.” Since I’ve never had Covid I can’t really answer, but having had a broken bone 40 years ago, yeah, it still hurts sometimes. and there is that age thing …


    1. Andrew – I think I prefer -Welcome to old age. That other one… Well, at YOUR age. Ah, it sounds so old like it’s young people looking down on old people. Welcome to old age, makes me feel like I’ve joined a HAPPY old group in town. LOL We can commiserate, right. Like that movie – Quartet— have you seen it? Its wonderful.

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    1. LA was the first to mention arthritis and that was my thought too. My son broke his ankle in high school and the doctor said somewhere down the line arthritis will set in sooner than with a healthy joint. I hope that’s the case with your wrist instead of your other theories!

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