Fall – What’s your favorite home cooked meal?

Fall started over night. We had pleasant weather this past weekend and suddenly the temperatures dropped to the 50s. I had to pull out the long john’s, find my winter shoes, and sweaters. Oh boy, it’s COLD. I got a kick out of a lady who still wanted to wear her summer dress and added a parka to it. REALLY, I think it’s time to retire summer clothes to the back of the closet.

Of course, Fall weather has us wanting home cooked comfort meals. I was at the store, they had a special on asparagus. I really like asparagus. My ex/mother/n/law was not the greatest cook. She’s German and cooked a lot of potatoes. In fact, to this day, my ex/husband does not want potatoes. Ah, he’ll eat french fries, but NO BOILED potatoes, NEVER. She didn’t enjoy cooking, but she ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS made asparagus soup for ALL holidays. So, in honor of my ex/mother/n/law, I made asparagus soup. Sent picture to my ex/husband and daughters saying, “THINKING OF OMI.”

Next in line, boiled chicken. In cold temperatures, I really enjoy Matzo Ball soup. I’m not Jewish, not sure when I started liking this soup, but it’s a favorite. Soups are so healthy for us.

My Italian mother always made bean soup. She didn’t really venture off from this. It’s a good hearty soup, no question about that. I guess next in line would be chili. I like it OCCASIONALLY, but it would not be my “go to” comfort food.

A woman posted her meal with delicata squash. It looked good, I want to try it. I admit, I’ve never been drawn to the squash family of vegetables. I need to venture out a bit, right. A lot to choose from. Winter varieties include butternut, acorn, delicata, pumpkin, hubbard, kabocha and spaghetti squashes.

So, here’s to FALL and home cooking. Memories from childhood.

What’s YOUR favorite comfort food in cold weather?

24 thoughts on “Fall – What’s your favorite home cooked meal?

  1. My mom always made soups. I am in the mood to cook, but it’s around 100 degrees in the afternoon. My two favorite winter meals are chicken and dumplings, I think much like your matzo ball soup, and oxtail soup.

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  2. We make a “healthy” ground turkey and corn chili, which includes black beans, chili beans, and a load of spices. It’s really good, and when we feel like making it (like last week) you just know winter is not far off.

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  3. Your soups look delicious. I love that you added bay leaves (according to my mom, bay leaves are a sign of a great cook lol).
    My favorite soup should be called kitchen sink, I just put everything I have in the kitchen in it. All kinds of vegetables, potatoes, leafy greens, beans/lentils/grains, beef/ground beef, and tiny pasta, such as orzo or little stars.
    Blessings to you!

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