Exercise – Who says walking is boring?

Anyone thinking of Rudyard Kipling’s, “Jungle Book” right now?

Kudos for creativity and humor.

We have ALL accumulated “things” that need to be given away, thrown away or repurposed.

I admit… sometimes I enjoy walking, but there are days when “trying” to get 10K steps in is a “real chore.”

Imagine seeing this TIGER on my walk.

Suddenly, I perked up!

I had decided to walk in a different neighborhood. So glad I did.

That tiger gave me the extra energy I needed to get my steps in. I just couldn’t stop smiling, such a clever idea.

I also thought of a child coming home from College and seeing their favorite stuffed animal in a tree, not sure how well that would go over. Of course, maybe it was a child who put the tiger in the tree. So many scenarios.

Walking CAN BE interesting, right!

What have you found on YOUR walks?

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