Did you hear the news? PURPLE has just joined the M&M’s candy crew…

Big news in the candy world. PURPLE is the new color for M&Ms. Purple is the first M&M to represent as a female for the brand. As far as male or female, I’ve gotta be honest, I’ve never given it much thought. This Purple M&M is meant to represent loving your “true self.” You’ll see this in the song. We are being hit with political statements every where we turn.

Apparently, they haven’t had a new color in over a decade. Did not realize this. I’m not sure why, but I always prefer the light colored peanut M&Ms (orange, yellow, green). I get in moods for them.

Enjoy the weekend.

I leave you with Purple’s debut song, “I’m just gonna be me”

What do you think? I like her eyelashes!

8 thoughts on “Did you hear the news? PURPLE has just joined the M&M’s candy crew…

  1. Um… green looks a little effeminate to me, and if they wanted to represent the female side, pink might have been more appropriate. Purple is gay, so yeah, it is a political stunt. Now I cannot buy anything from Mars, Inc. They could have just added the color, kept their mouths shut, and I would have not even realized they added it. But they did open their mouths, and now I know.

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  2. Hi Monica,
    I am so sick of all these political stunts. Every company wants to be so politically correct and please everyone that they go overboard.
    As far as M&M colors, I am a purist, I like the brown because that is the color of chocolate, so it sounds like the most pure chocolate one. I do know better though 😉

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