Halloween Birthdays! Gift idea: Liquid Death?

What do you think? You have a friend whose birthday is on Halloween. Would they appreciate receiving a case of Liquid Death on their doorstep? SURPRISE, HaPpy BiRtHdAy — THINKing of YOU?!

The name itself conjures up some scary thoughts. Then to find out it’s a Sparkling Water out of Austria. So, good quality, scary name — ALL YEAR ROUND.

Take a look, they have some interesting names for their flavored sparkling water.

How far does humor go? Would it be appropriate to go visit your grandparents drinking a can of Liquid Death? Give a can of Liquid Death to someone who is going to climb a mountain or off to fight in the war? How about giving a can to a Priest before Sunday mass to quench his thirst. So many inappropriate scenarios for NOT giving Liquid Death to someone.

Obviously, the founder thought this was funny and others did too, because the company is valued at 525 Million. They have a good following.

Have you heard of Liquid Death or tried it?

Wondering, is this here to stay or a fad?

9 thoughts on “Halloween Birthdays! Gift idea: Liquid Death?

  1. I have a friend that rarely drinks anymore but loves Liquid Death. Some coworkers also really liked it because apparently the carbonation bubbles are smaller. Overall its pretty good.

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