A sign from a loved one in Heaven…

Signs from loved ones in Heaven are powerful. We know without a doubt exactly “who” the message is from! We are overcome with emotion. I received a sign. I’m still in awe of how this occurred.

The holidays can be a roller coaster of feelings/memories. After Christmas, where we had below zero temps, I was anxious for a walk and fresh air. I decided to go downtown, it was still festive with the lights up. The display in a toy store window caught my attention. My desire to go in was strong.

It was joyful, families shopping for deals. As I continued to the back of the store, I saw the puzzle area. I enjoy puzzles, so stopped to explore. I sighed, the usual puzzles of flowers, Monet, etc. Disappointing.

However, on the bottom shelf, behind another puzzle, I found FLORENCE. I smiled -> F-L-O-R-E-N-C-E. My mother’s home town in Italy. Of course, I had to have it. I clutched it close, it was mine!

Walking home, I kept thinking how strange it was to find this puzzle. Why, what was the meaning? I was overcome with memories of visiting my grandmother in Florence. I thought, perfect timing. Long weekend for New Year’s Eve, I would do the puzzle.

I started with the Duomo. Proud when it was done. As I continued, I found yellow and green pieces. Putting them together, I looked down and got teary-eyed. What a memory! Take a look at the photo. The pieces of this particular puzzle area, looked exactly like my grandmother’s building. Amazing!

Back then, we did not have cell phones. When I would go out my grandmother and grandfather would rush to open the window. I would hear the green shutters crackling as they opened them. They would yell down to me in Italian (they didn’t speak English), Ciao, baci (kisses), a presto (see you soon). I felt so much love every time they did this. There are more memories, of course.

So, a sign indeed!

Don’t forget Nonina and Nonno!

We are with you. We LOVE you! Go back!

10 thoughts on “A sign from a loved one in Heaven…

  1. Ah, what a nice moment when you made the connection. The random series of events leading you to the puzzle would suggest there was a greater power at work here. Angels on earth, perhaps. Every now and then we need these little “hello’s”, don’t we? It’s going to be a good year.

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    1. Yes, I agree. Bringing me to the puzzle, when I don’t need any children’s toys, there is a meaning behind it. Need to see what OTHER signs I receive. I do think it will be a great year too. For you as well!!


  2. Thanks for sharing and tearing me up. We lost our son when he was 27 (something like an aneurysm). He dropped dead in front of us, really makes a parent feel like a failure when you can’t protect your child. Anyway, things like this happen and you KNOW it is not a coincidence.

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    1. Danny, my heart just skipped many beats hearing this. I’m so sad to hear this. Thank you for sharing. By sharing, we put extra prayers out there for him, for you, your family AND that means YOU will receive a sign from him too. When it comes you will know!! Signs from a loved one come in such strange ways. We have mixed emotions sad, because we miss them, HAPPY, because we KNOW they are there with us. Have a blessed day. I will light a candle today for you/your son.

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