Exercise – Hiking socks for those TOUGH days! Grrrr…

Let’s face it, winter can challenge our exercise routine. Below zero temps outside force us to stay inside. Some people can walk in place to a video, for me that is B-O-R-I-N-G. I just can’t do it. I’d go insane.

I introduce you to the perfect sock I found for TOUGH days. Yes, when I saw this sock, I thought – it is the answer. Wearing a mean scary bear on my feet would motivate me to weather the storm, right?!

One of my daughters was on board, she loved it. The other one said, “But he looks so scary.”

To which I replied, “That’s the point! Sometimes we need to push ourselves. Take control, “tough it out,” motivate ourselves in a funny way to brave the cold weather. These bear socks do that – LOL.”

Have you ever worn the Darn Tough brand of sock? Made in Vermont, U.S.A. They are the Mercedes of socks. Yes, smooth, light, slick and high end. Oh, and colorful. As soon as I put them on I could tell the difference from my less expensive socks. I was ready to climb the mountain.

However, something was wrong, seriously wrong. They were so narrow. Yes, so tight fitting. I double checked the package. It’s the right size. Why so narrow. I imagined how the Chinese women felt years ago when they bound their feet. So, I need to call the company and sort this out.

Some good news. If you look at the packaging, it says, “Guaranteed for Life!” That means there is hope for an exchange. Maybe a Men’s Medium? By the way, my feet are normal size, nothing unusual.

Their website is amusing. Funny that they need to say they don’t guarantee one sock lost in the laundry, a sock being burned or animal destruction. I’m sure there are other disclaimers. They do show some of the returned socks. Definitely worn – with love – not sure about that, but worn, for sure.

We have great weather for walking, but snow is headed our way. No more time to write. I’ve got to call the company, get a new pair of socks – PRONTO!

Listen to David Goggins on Spotify, he gets you motivated!

Happy Exercising!

15 thoughts on “Exercise – Hiking socks for those TOUGH days! Grrrr…

    1. Years ago I was working for an outdoor magazine selling ad space. We went to a Convention in Salt Lake City. It was fabulous, all these outdoor companies there. One of them was Darn Tough, they gave away a pair of free socks. Those fit, they were great and I liked that they are made in Vermont. Really colorful too, nice designs. So not sure why are they are narrow now. I sent them a message, will see what they say. Since my feet are normal size there must be others with the same issue. TRY THEM. They are a bit pricey, but they last a long time.

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      1. Love REI. When I lived in Seattle, I felt so lucky to have their huge store there. In Chicago we have a small store, but not much there. I had not heard of silk undersocks. I guess you can tell I didn’t climb Mt. Rainier.


      2. LOL, I lived close to teh AT, which meant section hiking. After the first experience with blisters I learned about putting silk socks on first and wool over them. We have 2 REI stores – across the street from each other. One specializes in bikes and assorted gear etc.

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      3. You’re talking about the Appalachian Trail, right. I’ll look into silk socks. I’ve used BodyGlide before when I did the Susan G Komen breast cancer walks -60 miles in 3 days. It really worked to keep blisters at bay. Have you read the book about Grandma Gatewood? I need to read that. I see a Blog post coming…https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18527222-grandma-gatewood-s-walk

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  1. Nice-looking socks! I love the spirit/humor of this company. Reminds me of Duluth Trading Company’s risque ads. Why not have fun while you’re making a great product, right?

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  2. Nice socks! Can you try to stretch them out? I find some types of MaGregor socks tight especially after washing/drying, and you have to stretch them out with your hands before putting them on again.

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  3. In this respect, I guess it’s a good thing I have narrow feet, through strangely (perhaps one of those physical changes that happen to us gals after giving birth), I have also worn wider width shoes.

    Anyway, since moving to MI this fall, I have “discovered” the need for warmer socks. Thus, my daughter got me a pair of these, the particular brand you mentioned, which fit me well and served the purpose!

    I hope you have better luck with any you try from here on out.

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    1. So, this is interesting. I wrote to the company. They wrote back that the socks are supposed to fit snuggly, so we don’t have bunching up at heel or toes. After wearing and washing, the fibers loosen up, they should start to give a little. So… I’m wearing them today. I do like that when I put my gym shoes on or winter boots that they are not too thick. I do think they feel very good, thin feeling. Thanks for your message! Let’s get out and walk! 🙂

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  4. Fun socks stories. Never heard of this company but love the humour. I don’t like to walk in place either, but I’ve found a lot of exercise classes on Eventbrite. Everyday there’s a class, yesterday was kickboxing, today was yoga for back…never a dull moment. Highly recommend!

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