Health – Weight Lifting, getting organized…

January, time for health and goal setting, right! One goal I had in December was to organize my weights. I was tired of seeing them in a pile. I looked up weight racks and it took me “forever” to decide on one. Why? I started reading reviews.

Responses went from hard to assemble, product had a terrible lead smell, heavier weights take up a lot of space, so weights don’t fit perfectly, etc.

You see, a simple task turned into hours of research.

Before I knew it, I was watching YouTube videos on how to assemble the weight rack. That turned out to be critical. You needed a wrench, not included AND muscle power. Laughing, it’s true. The muscle power was for holding the nut in place while you turned the screw through the nylon steel nut.

I’m not going to lie. You can see, it seems easy, but it was exhausting. Like putting together an IKEA cabinet. Not hard, but just takes time. My heart sank when I saw “one washer” on the floor. Oh NO! Did I miss one? I checked and double checked. Looks like they gave me an extra one. Next time, I would count them out. Since I don’t do this often, I forget these tricks.

Mission Accomplished!! It sure saves space.

Anyone else work on a project over the holidays?

18 thoughts on “Health – Weight Lifting, getting organized…

  1. I am a fan of goals, but not of resolutions. Resolutions are a dream without ambition, because if you recognized something that needed fixin’ you should not wait until New Years to start the correcting process. If you did not have the ambition to do it in July, you do not have the ambition to do it in January. Now goals are something different. They have a start and an end and usually do not require massive changes in a lifestyle. So you set GOALS. Awesome!

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  2. What a good storage idea….I generally don’t buy anything which requires assembly although I did assemble a puzzle stand for my mother today, but it was so easy a child could have done it!

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      1. It was only a $30 puzzle stand as it only has one elevated 5 inch end. It seems okay so far, to avoid neck strain but is quite big so you don’t have as much room to put the puzzle pieces around, but it’s easy to move it off the table if you needed the table. The toy store also had a $99 dollar one that could fold up and a $150 deluxe one with many adjustable angles. Before we were using a sheet of bristleboard. I’ve tried the roll up felt mats and found them useless.


      2. Thanks for the input. I happened to see a few around Christmas. I was surprised, since I only see them online. They had similar to what you were describing, one that was elevated a bit and another looked like a TV tray with 4 little drawers that opened where you could store the pieces. I couldn’t decide. I have a table I use now, but once a puzzle is on it, I can’t use the table for anything else. Also, it would be nice to have the puzzle tiled a bit. Hard to see the entire puzzle when it is flat. SIGH… the challenges for puzzle makers, right.

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      3. It’s by Ravensburger and the box says Puzzle Stand & Go – the Easy Puzzle Easel for horizontal puzzles 27 X 20 inches, and it was easy to put together. My mom complains of neck strain so I thought it was worth a try for $30. It will be cheaper in the US due to the exchange rate. .


  3. I appreciate anything that contributes to being more organized. And yes, it seems to be a common practice to include a few extra parts, in case you lose one. It does make you question whether you overlooked a step!

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  4. Well in my case been working too hard, trying to streamline to have more time to read and do my website. The result having pain in my Right arm. Without doing weights Lol. Hope you are having a Good start for 2023. All the Best 🙂

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