Falconry at Adare Manor Castle Hotel in Ireland

IMG_2060I’ve always been fascinated by eagles, falcons, and owls. They are powerful and mysterious. So, I was excited when my ex/husband suggested that after our daughter’s graduation (University of Limerick) that we head over to Adare Manor Castle Hotel (Adare, Ireland) for some Falconry and Archery.

Right now, they are doing a lot of refurbishing at Adare Manor, so, I was unable to take a picture to share with you.

Our Falconry Instructor was a nice fellow. He had a variety of birds for us to look at. First, he would tell us about the bird. Then with heavy glove on he assisted us to hold the birds, being very careful of their feet/talons. With the falcons, we could FEEL the strength in their feet through the glove. When they go for their prey, watch out!

Sometimes in photography, we get a FUNNY shot. For example, if you look at this owl, at first glance the owl appears to have headphones on, BUT then if you zoom in, you’ll see that when I took the photo, the eagle was directly behind the owl. Very amusing!


Here are a few more photos I thought you might enjoy. Owls have amazing eyes! I have never seen one up close, have you?


Next, a falconry show must have a falcon, right. Here you go…


Now, this owl had enormous FEET.



Finally, the Eagle…



And for the grand finale… drum roll please… I bet you were wondering how I did in Archery. Well, I got a bulls eye, right in the middle of the apple – 3 times too! I have two brothers, so you KNOW I’ve been bragging about my Archery skills! A friendly bit of competition is good.


Ireland is beautiful and a lot of fun. Similar to Seattle with the weather and they really enjoy their outdoor sports, I like that.

The Falconry fellow said Adare Manor should be open to the public November 2017. THEN we can go back for Trap Shooting! I smiled and thought, “Good marketing! I’m on board for that!”

27 thoughts on “Falconry at Adare Manor Castle Hotel in Ireland

  1. Congratulations on your daughter’s graduation. It’s also wonderful that you have a good relationship with your ex. My wife’s ex, has been a dark cloud over us for almost twenty-five years, Great pictures. I’m gad you’re having fun. As for the archery. I stink, but you might be related to Robin Hood.

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  2. How fun! I’ve been fortunate. We have a Renaissance Fair that is open February and March, every year, and they have a falconry show, including a perigean falcon, owl, and turkey vulture. Amazing. I’d like to visit Adare manor.

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    1. I’ve always thought those Renaissance Fairs would be fun. My girlfriend, who is a seamstress, makes a “new” costume for it every year. One of these days I will go. Thanks for mentioning it! You’d enjoy the little town of Adare, the mansion is beautiful, a shame that it was under construction, so we could only see trucks and bull dozers. It was fun seeing an Owl up close, such BIG eyes!

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      1. I bought a simple costume. I wish I was skilled enough to make one. I’m so grateful for those who share their love of amazing creatures with others on such a personal level.

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  3. Beautiful photos! Thanks for leaving me a link. Owls are amazing! I never really knew them, but they are so funny and full of mischief. I’m not too far from Seattle and we do have weather much like Ireland and also lots of falcons and owls.

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    1. Yes, I was just living in Seattle for two years. I loved it, you are so outdoorsy there with all the Lakes and beautiful mounts and Canada close by. Now, I moved back to Chicago to be closer to my family. I miss Seattle, but it was also starting to get sooo expensive to live there. It’s a shame.

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