Virtual walks… Italy – it’s FUN!

When COVID hit last year, we were finding new ways to exercise. Suddenly, virtual walks became really popular. I just did a virtual walk in Ireland with Fleet Feet. I liked it, it motivated me to log my miles every day, not fall behind.

When that walk ended, I took a break for a month. I noticed that without the challenge, I lacked the same motivation for walking. I walked, but not with the determination. It does HELP to have a challenge. Add friends for accountability – perfect!

My friend told me about The Conqueror website. Being Italian, I had to sign up for the St Francis Way challenge. I’m enjoying the walk and looking up new cities on the way from Florence to the Vatican in Rome. Some of the towns are really small, not many people.

In case you are wondering, I am not affiliated with The Conqueror website. Just sharing. The Ireland Fleet Feet challenge was nice, but not easy to log the miles. So, helpful to share with each other. If we are going to spend $$, good to find the BEST virtual site out there.

Now, putting gym shoes on, heading to CONSUMA, ITALY. Looked it up, many things to see/do: wineries, vineyards, castles, zip line, religious sites, art galleries and more.

Of course, a GELATO at the end of the walk!

8 thoughts on “Virtual walks… Italy – it’s FUN!

  1. “… a gelato at the end of the walk…” – ABSOLUTELY! Have you found a decent gelato place or two in the Chicago area? I know your standards must be high. The real thing or not at all.

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      1. I had to look that one up, but Eataly here is called Denver Milk Market. It’s in downtown Denver as part of a food court, very close to our professional sports venues. The gelato is excellent. Not many decent gelato places in these parts.

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    1. My daughter told me Lisbon was on lockdown again. She just made plane reservations with her boyfriend to go there in August. I think things are so iffy to be making any plans to travel in Europe right now. Hope it lifts quickly for you!!

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      1. That’s right. We had 1000+ new cases for 4 days and Lisbon was put in travel restriction for the weekend. That does not apply to foreign visitors though. I think August might be alright. Fingers crossed!

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